10 Food Items and Sweet Dishes to try in Ludhiana

Ludhiana, the place famous for its rich culture, is always in conversations when it’s about food. It embraces a heritage of food items from the ancestral generations and is often brought up in talks when people visit there or just have a chit chat about some scrumptious eatables. Butter, tandoor, and sugar are the three main tastes that ring a bell when we speak of food in Ludhiana. And to curb your taste buds and ease your imagination of this food we are introducing you to five sweet and five tempting food items you would want to try the next time you visit. 

Let’s begin with the sweet items 

  • Cakes 

You have cakes only on special occasions, and you don’t want to experiment every time. So make a choice from where to order online cake delivery in Ludhiana, and once you know the quality standards, you can also flip between the flavours. 

  • Dodha barfi

You are probably familiar with dodge as a dish, but you will know the difference between the taste when you have it here. Cooked with milk and sprinkled with delicious nuts, it is hardly undeniable. And don’t shy away from calling it the Indian chocolate fudge. 

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  • Lassi

The popular lassi drink of Ludhiana needs no introduction and isn’t it a treat to have when clubbed with the amazing Chola bhaturas. You can try it in sweet and salt flavours if you already don’t have a preference. 

  • Rewari and milk

Rewari and milk is a nice combination, especially worth eating in winters. It warms your body and raises your body temperature. Eaten with hot steaming milk, this sweet little treat is a crunchy item. Loved by all Rewari and milk has all hearts. 

  • Laddoos

Like everywhere else you can find a variety of laddoos in Ludhiana from besan to til made with gur and cherished with almonds, raisins, pistachios and cashews specifically. They are laced with ghee and are heavy and nutritious, which adds another point to its pros. 

Lip-smacking food items to try in Ludhiana

  • Tandoori chicken

Beginning with the most favourite option tandoori chicken people in Ludhiana are having this dish, and the foodies are drooling over this dish. It is not just the utmost quality of chicken you can find here but also the flavour and nasal as are truly appreciable. 

  • Sarso da saag

You have either already had this dish, or you will soon try your hand as soon as you get a chance because it is the most popular dish in places like Ludhiana. Sarson ka saag eaten with makke di roti is a treat altogether and also an everyday breakfast dish in almost all homes. 

  • Dal makhani

The popularity this dish has gained across India began from Ludhiana. It can be found eaten by people prevalently in all parts of the country because of its taste, flavour and texture. It is mostly eaten with tandoori rotis and is a go-to option for when you want to eat something familiar, filling and satisfying. 

  • Rajma masala

Rajma masala, as the name suggests, is a spicy dish but also very tasty. It lands in the list of favourite food items very often because of its ease of making and delightful taste. It can be eaten with rice or chapati, and don’t forget to have salad and dahi along. 

  • Chole bhature

Ending the list with an item you can’t deny, that will probably compel you to have one as soon as you step out of your house. Chole bhature is overly delicious in Ludhiana and eaten with salad, pickles and lassi, it is seriously the best you can have, especially for breakfast. 

Rats in your stomach already, order yourself a food and sweet dish combo just now. 

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