10 Recommended Fabric Materials for Curtains

Choosing the right window covering fabric is a bigger deal than you imagined – especially if you pair your curtains with blinds and shutters from ShutterUp, the ultimate resource in the Brisbane and Ipswich areas.

  1. Cotton. Few textiles provide as many weight, weave, and design options. Cotton is the quintessential choice for homeowners seeking curtains that are lovely but not expensive to make or buy. From twill and Madras to cotton duck and gingham, match every décor with cotton, knowing that this fabric washes and irons like a dream.
  2. Synthetics. For easy-care fans who don’t want to deal with wrinkles, polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fabrics beautifully mimic other types of material. While synthetics may not be the material you choose for longevity (cheaper synthetics tend to deteriorate faster), these curtains are often woven with UV blocking threads – a feature you’ll give thanks for on hot days down under.
  3. Linen. The traditional answer to period decorating schemes calling for a thick, strong, elegant solution to window glamour, linen comes in myriad weights so the look you seek is within reach. This perennial favourite may wrinkle easily, but dry cleaning restores its pristine appearance. Solve the wrinkle dilemma by choosing a linen blend.
  4. Silk. If your idea of luxury is curtains made of organic silk, expect to open your wallet wide when purchasing and get to know your dry cleaner. Silk could fade if exposed to sunlight, but all it takes is a proper lining to remedy that. Synthetic silks look equally smart and who needs to know that it’s not real silk?
  5. Velvet. Velvet may look pricey but you may not care when you discover how beautifully it keeps out the cold. Because this fabric is so popular, textile companies produce amazing grades of velvet, so you don’t have to sell the farm to afford it. Plan to devote time and attention to the hardware and install. Velvet tends to be heavy!
  6. Damask and Brocade. Usually referred to as “specialty fabrics,” these floral and embellished curtains boast some of the most elegant patterns in a wide range of colour options that light up a room. Most often crafted of cotton or silk fibers and frequently lined to add weight and structure, curtains made of synthetic damask or brocade are available if the price of “the real thing” exceeds the decorating budget.
  7. Voile. For rooms that beg for sheer, diaphanous curtains, voile can’t be surpassed. While the word voile is a catch-all descriptor for textile blends, shoppers can find voile made of natural silk or cotton plus rayon and polyester. The perfect solution for rooms requiring privacy and light, voile curtains won’t require heavy rods or hardware, making installation a breeze.
  8. Denim. For practical folk who recycle everything, crafting curtains of outgrown jean swatches is fast becoming a trendy way to dress windows. Alternatively, purchase cotton twill denim by the yard to turn a kid’s or teen’s room into the place kids want to hang out. This textile is so sturdy, the kids may leave home before it wears out.
  9. Toile. This artistic French patterning tradition adds elements of classic elegance to any room. Woven of cotton, linen, canvas and other threads, toile requires extra upkeep so elaborate patterns don’t fade or bleed. Can’t recognize this unique material? Look for pastoral patterns in only one color on a neutral background.
  10. Thermal or blackout curtains. From the coldest areas on Earth to scorching heat, thermal or blackout curtains can be indispensable, not only saving residents from unbearable temperature extremes but helping to lower power bills, too. This unique curtain type may be woven of natural fabrics like cotton or synthetics but it’s the foam fused to the fabric itself that provides the insulating and privacy benefits homeowners crave.


Jim Pulman has extensive knowledge and experience in Home Building, Construction, and Design. He writes articles in his free time and partners with content creators to share his expertise with the online community