12 Productivity Tools for College Students


If you are a teacher, then you know how important it is to provide your students with the best learning tools that will help them succeed. Whether you teach online or offline, using learning resources that will help your students get the most out of their learning experience is important.

There are many online productivity tools for students available today and if you want your students to have a fun and easy time learning, Technology has impacted the way we learn. Today there are several useful tools that college students can utilize to boost their concentration. Below, we have selected the best tools every college student should use.

1.  GogoPDF

We find that sometimes, there are redundant sections in lecture notes and slides prepared in PDF formats by lecturers and teachers. This creates unnecessary fear and apprehension in some students when it’s time to read or study for tests and exams.

With GogoPDF you can edit your PDF files and also change Word to PDF document, either single or multiple pages from the PDF document. It has no size limit at all, and students can always convert pages of documents from one form to another.

This helps to centralize the focus on what is needed to be read for students, thereby boosting productivity.

2.  Evernote application

This is an application that not only ensures the productivity of the students, it’s also easy to use. Evernote is best for note-taking and can be used to write speeches and essays. It allows one to scribble down notes in its paper-like interface and punch in keyboard characters.Pagalmovies : visit here

It can also capture photographs and record voice memos stored in its cloud service. It allows multi-platform access through all your devices.

3.  Pocket application

Just as the name suggests, the pocket application is one application that puts the burden of your student life in one’s pocket and ensures that it can be controlled at one’s pace.

The Pocket Application is a super-cool application that can save articles, web pages, and videos for later viewing or reading.

It can help to synchronize files across all your devices at once. It is available to iOS and Android users, as well as personal computers.

4.  Share your board application

This application is also easy to use. You only need to take a very good picture of your board during classes and it would convert the photo into PDF for easier reading.

You can also overlay annotations and even add notes into the PDF itself. This application easily eliminates the strenuous exercise of students having to write for hours while lecturers dictate.

5.  My homework student planner application

This application can help students plan their schedules. It gives a calendar where a student can easily mark upcoming important appointments, examinations, and deadlines to be met.

The Application has a Homework section that is meant for assignments and academic projects. Students can easily encode class grades and schedules to follow up on their academic progress.

6.  Rev voice recorder application

This is an application that automatically transcribes audio recordings or voice notes into texts.

The application essentially makes the phone a professional audio recording device without disturbing the classroom.

Essentially, the application ensures that if as a student you miss anything in your handwritten or typed notes; it becomes easy to trace or find in the transcribed one with the help of this application.

7.  Trello application

Many students are familiar with the concept of having many sticky notes in several pages of lecture notes or books. This application helps to eliminate that.

The Trello application allows you to move cards around into different lists, just as students do with sticky notes. You can move cards from the “to do” list to “in progress” to “done”. This essentially eliminates the idea of having sticky notes all over the place.

It also has an inbuilt chat space where students can discuss and communicate on projects.

8.  Google Hangout

For easy communication, especially through videos, applications such as this become highly useful.

While some members of the team may not have the right devices for things like FaceTime or Skype, they would most likely have email addresses.

This application easily ensures that video meetings can be accessed right from your email boxes, and you get to see one another and discuss progress on given tasks.

9. Google Slides application

This is an application that is similar to PowerPoint and can be used for Class presentations. Essentially, it takes into consideration things that you need and eliminates unnecessary things.

It works easily with files in your Google drive such that photos, graphics, text, and spreadsheet becomes easily accessible.

Not all students can afford a personal computer or a laptop, so this application attracts a wider user base.


Unlike old times, technology has made life easier for us all. For students, learning just got a lot better and easier. And what better way to learn than with tools that can enhance your productivity as a college student? Studying can be difficult and you’ll need all the help you can get to graduate successfully.