3 Excellent Reasons to Try Out Jamaican Banana Chips

Snacking through the day can be an optimum way to mitigate hunger. It potentially helps mitigate overeating during meals. But some snacks are known to be unhealthy. Jamaican snacks such as Banana chips are a great way to enjoy crunchy treats and seem to be a natural alternative to something similar such as potato chips. But how healthy are they?

The Unique Food of Jamaica

What makes Jamaican food different from the rest of the world? For one, Jamaica is a culinary melting pot that reflects the cultures that have influenced the island for hundreds of years. The local cuisine of Jamaica focuses on fruits and vegetables and seafood that is typically grown and sourced by the regional farmers. Jamaicans especially love banana chips which are sliced green bananas deep-fried in vegetable oil. These Jamaican snacks are then seasoned with salt and other spices for a snack with a distinct crunch.

1. Banana Chips Provide Calories and Carbohydrates for Energy

Banana chips are considered moderately high in calories. Banana chips that are about 1 ounce will have 280 calories or roughly 10% of your daily calorie needs if you are following a typical 2000 calorie diet. A majority of the calories come from carbohydrates and fat. Both of these critical nutrients serve as concentrated sources of energy. Thus, banana chips can keep your body energized between meals.

2. An Optimum Source of Magnesium

Snacking on banana chips means you will get comparable nutritional value for your calorie investment. The chips are an optimum source of some critical vitamins, especially magnesium. Your body requires magnesium for the production of energy, cell-to-cell communication, as well as synthesis of DNA. These are critical for cell growth. It also works in tandem with other minerals such as calcium and phosphorus. It helps make up bone and tooth tissue, which means consuming high magnesium foods may keep your skeleton strong. A good serving of banana chips will provide you with over 30 mg of magnesium. It is over 8 to 10% of your daily magnesium requirement.

Because of this, you may want to opt for scrumptious banana chips Jamaican snack.

Jamaica has a rich and diverse gastronomic tradition. The islands locally sourced seafood, fruits, and veggies make for the optimum mix of eclectic and refined cuisine. Jamaica has everything from spicy fish to perfectly seasoned jerky. Although the scenery and lifestyle in Jamaica will be sufficient to inspire you to pack your bags to the island, the authentic local food will encourage you to extend your stay.

3. Banana Chips Are a Potassium Powerhouse

One of the reasons bananas have an excellent health reputation is their potassium content. Banana chips provide some potassium as well. Each serving of banana chips offers over 200 mg of possession or about 5% of the potassium needed in a daily diet. This potassium provides some health benefits, which include nerve and muscle support, as well as blood pressure lowering capabilities.

Because of this, you may want to snack on some Jamaican snacks such as banana chips.

Jamaican snacks are available the world over, but it is only in Jamaica that you will be tasting the real deal when it comes to Jamaican cuisine. The fresh local seafood that is dominant in Jamaican cuisine is one of the top reasons foodies flock to the island. There is no shortage of seafood when it comes to the traditional Jamaican menu, from fried fish served with vinegar, onion, and hot pepper sauce to one-pot dishes that typically include fish and vegetables cooked in coconut milk.