Social Media4 tricks to get more followers on your social networks

4 tricks to get more followers on your social networks

What to do (and avoid) to increase the popularity of our profiles on the Internet

Users of social networks have very varied objectives to participate in them. Some want to see things that interest, distract or surprise them; others use them to have contact with their relatives and there are also those who seek to become voices of reference. In the case of accounts that represent a brand or company, it is important to have a broad base of followers to reach the largest number of potential buyers, which can also make a difference for small businesses. For some of these users, the number of followers they have on each social network seems irrelevant, but for others, it is important that it grows.

It is not always easy to achieve it but, luckily, social networks have been working long enough to determine some methods to get more followers:

1-Be constant

You have to keep the account active so that the followers you already have interact and thus the messages are visible to more people. To get more subscribers on Twitch, you have to broadcast with a certain frequency and periodicity, establishing a streaming schedule as much as possible.

2-Know your audience

It is one of the maxims of advertising and in social networks it remains valid: you have to know who the message is addressed to. There is not the same type of user on Instagram as on Twitter or Facebook and in each social network you can follow a different strategy, appropriate to the type of user that predominates in them. The same type of message does not work the same, nor does the frequency with which content is posted; On YouTube, Twitter or Twitch, users are not bothered by the abundance of messages, but on other networks such as Instagram or Linkedin it can be counterproductive to upload too much content.

You also have to know what the public expects from each profile: if a person perceives a message in a negative way, they can stop being a follower but if the content appeals to you, you will spread it and it may attract new followers. An investigation from Rutgers University (USA) analyzed the messages of 350 Twitter users and found that they all fell into one of these nine categories: Sharing information, self-promotion, opinions or complaints, affirmations and various thoughts, how I feel, ask fans questions, let them know I’m there, a personal anecdote or someone else’s anecdote. The study of the North American university establishes that these nine categories are summarized in two: the information that speaks of the own profile and the one that offers information to the community of followers. The second tends to get better results to get more followers.

The metrics provided by social networks are a good way to know potential followers, either with Google Analytics or with other tools such as Followers Gallery, Hootsuite, Brandwatch or Sprout Social.


3-Study what other profiles do

Both those that you consider a role model and those that are considered at the opposite extreme studying those who have already succeeded indicates the way forward , analyzing the style of their messages to see how their strategies can then be adapted to the image they want to convey. The social network itself is likely to suggest interesting profiles to follow. Nothing happens to share content from those other profiles (never passing it off as your own), but it is best that the content uploaded to a social network is original.

4-Take care of the profile and feed

When someone is interested in a profile, they go to its main page (feed) to see what it can offer them, so you have to be careful about some aspects such as a biography or description appropriate to the image you want to give. It is convenient to review the posts that have been uploaded, something that is especially important in image-based networks such as Instagram, where it is important to have an organized and aesthetically beautiful feed. It may seem obvious, but you also have to take care of the spelling of the messages and their writing.

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