5 Best Car Tyres by Maxxis 

Which is the best tyre for your car? Picking a perfect tyre for a car is undoubtedly an uphill task when there are unlimited options and everyone claims to be the best in the market. To help you pick the best one that matches your car specifications, we will explore the best car tyres manufactured by Maxxis which is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in Australia for more than 5 decades. 

If you are a car owner and planning to replace your tyre, you must not miss trying any of these 5 best car tyres offered by Maxxis that we are going to list in the section below. 

5 Best Car Tyres by Maxxis 

Although Maxxis offers tyres for a wide range of vehicles such as cars, light and heavy trucks, and caravans, let’s stick to the 5 best car tyres that will redefine your driving experience.

HP5 Premitra 

Built with the latest silica tread compound technologies, Maxxis HP5 Premitra offers perfect grip across different road and weather conditions, while ensuring the safety of the vehicle. If you have a  hybrid high-speed car or SUV, no tyre will be perfect except HP5 to provide a high standard of handling and grip. For those who love touring or motorsports, HP5 is second to none as a compelling alternative replacement as its unique bead filler design and curved shoulder groove reduce vibration noise in the tread area and improve rolling resistance significantly.

Victra Sport 5 (VS5)

The Flagship Maxxis Victra Sport 5 (VS5) range is one of the finest tyres made by the top Australian brand using cutting-edge technology and premium quality material. You can replace the tyres of a wide range of cars or SUVs to advance your experience with superior safety standards, comfort, and performance. Engineered with hybrid twist nylon/aramid cap ply provides excellent highway stability, while Chamfer edge tread blocks prevent aquaplaning and reduce wet braking distance.

M36+ MRS

Have you ever run your car with a flat tyre? Well, this is possible with state-of-the-art Maxxis M36+ MRS tyres, which provide an exceptionally safe and comfortable ride even under zero inflation pressure. The central tread ribs along with advanced bead filler reduce the sidewall wearing and heat build-up to ensure long life while ensuring excellent cornering, high-speed stability, and optimal handling


Engineered with an advanced closed shoulder design Maxxis MAP3, popularized as the advanced version of MAP1, stands out among its rivals when it comes to noise reduction in car cabins with low noise resonance in the tread area. Thanks to solid center rib and advanced construction design, the vehicles versed with  MAP3 tyres give outstanding handling response and braking performance. 


If you have a passenger car that needs immediate tyre replacement, none other than Maxxis MAP5 would be the best choice it is built with an optimally-placed steel belt which reduces the vertical stiffness and provides you cushioning comfort while driving on bumpy roads. For those who prefer fuel economy, the advanced triple-polymer compound construction system would be the right pick which improves tyre life along with efficiency.

Final Words

If you are planning to replace your car or SUV tyre, Maxxis tyres would be the best pick which comes with a perfect blend of safety, comfort, performance, and efficiency. Sports lovers can take their experience to new heights with HP5 Premitra tyre, car owners with a tight budget can go with MAP5 for fuel economy, whereas car and SUV owners seeking safety, control, and comfort can go with any of the above selection matches vehicle specifications