5 Easy Solutions to Fix Chipped and Brittle Nails

Nothing annoys a girl more than chipped and broken nails. We all love long, well-shaped, and shiny nails that look gorgeous, painted in different hues of nail paints. Nails often become weak and start breaking after being stuck in clothes or while working on something with fingers. And if you are a fan of long and well-groomed nails but don’t want to go to a salon for fixing broken nails, then this blog is the right piece of information for you. A few hacks, some patience, and care are all you require to fix broken nails or avoid nails getting brittle or chipped.

Steps to fix Weak Nails at Home

Apply Nail Paint

Applying nail paint on bare nails might seem like talking about beauty; however, nail paints act as a protective sheath around the nails. They add an extra layer around the nails strengthening the cuticles. While choosing the nail paint, pick one enriched with natural ingredients like Vitamin A, C, and E that strengthen and nourish the nails. Nail paint will protect the nails from becoming flaky, dry, and broken. Apply Nail Polish that contains natural ingredients like biotin, tea tree oil for hydrating and preventing breakage.

Avoid Soaking Hands in Water

Going through the daily errands of life, our hands often get exposed to water that we can’t avoid totally. However, soaking hands in water for a long time can make the hands brittle and weak. The least you can do is to be careful and avoid exposing your hands to water if not required. Keeping the hands clean is important for personal hygiene but washing hands and letting fingers dipped in water for too much time can damage the cuticles.

File the Nails Regularly

File your nails from the edges to maintain the regular shape of the nails. Filing nails have many added benefits including the uniform shape and length of the nails, avoid from breaking or being chipped, etc. While filing the nails avoid moving the nail file in to and fro motion and file only when the nails are moist. Use VEGA Nail File Small comes with a two-sided nickel-plated surface for the smooth and gentle filing of the nails.

Keep the Nails Hydrated and Moisturized 

Due to water, harsh soap, or detergent, nails often become dry and brittle. Therefore it is important to keep the nails soft and supple to avoid nail breakage. You can fix the nails by rubbing some petroleum jelly on the hands after a shower or washing the hands. Moisturizing the nails help with combating brittleness and seals in moisture. Use Petroleum Jelly that heals dry skin and would work perfectly fine to avoid brittle nails.

Avoid Biting the Nails 

For personal hygiene, avoid biting the nails as they are not clean most of the time. Biting the nails does not only provoke unhealthy habits but also break the nails and damage the nail bed.

And just a few tips and tricks and you can preserve the longevity and health of the nails without any professional treatment!