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5 Essential Features of a Quality Ergonomic Chair

If you work a job that requires you to sit for long hours, you must have heard about ergonomic furniture. This type of furniture provides the user with adequate stability and comfort. It, in turn, enhances their productivity and overall health. Many features make up an excellent ergonomic seating unit. For instance, adjustable and seat height and back angle in ergonomic chairs online make it optimal for working professionals. But if you are exploring this kind of furniture for the first time, you can get lost in the various features it offers. To make your work simpler, here are five essential elements that the ergonomic chair you plan to purchase should have.

1. Lumbar Support

Lumbar or lower back support is crucial in an ergonomic seating unit. Your lumbar spine curves inward. If you sit for an extended time without providing adequate support to this curve, you tend to slouch. It results in an undue strain in the structures of your lower spine. An ergonomic chair consists of a lumbar adjustment. It facilitates every user to get the right fit that adequately supports their spine’s inward curve.

2. Backrest 

It’s again an important feature that provides support to your back. Ideally, the backrest can be anywhere from 12 to 19 inches in width. If it’s separate from the chair’s seat, it should have an adjustable height and angle. The backrest should provide adequate support to the spine’s natural curve, especially to the lumbar region. If the chair consists of the backrest and seat as a single piece, then you should be able to adjust the backrest in back and forward angles along with a locking mechanism. It will prevent it from going too backward once you have determined a suitable angle for yourself.

3. Adjustment of Position and Height

The position of a person’s body alters throughout the day. An ergonomic seating unit should make this change very easy. It should have adjustable tension controls. You should be able to change the angle of the seat so that some of your upper body weight gets transferred to the backrest. There are swivel office chairs that alleviate tension that results from twisting at your desk. Ideally, the keyboard should be at elbow height, and your feet should be flat on the ground. Your upper calves should be around four inches from your seat cushion.

4. Armrests

Although fixed or static armrests are suitable for occasional usage, they won’t serve you well if you use the chair for an extended time. In such a case, look for chairs having adjustable armrests. This feature reduces strain on the wrists and shoulder. As they can be lowered, you can pull your seating unit slightly closer to your table but feel comfortable sitting all day long. Furthermore, padded armrests prevent the accumulation of unwanted pressure on the undersides of the forearms and elbows.

5. Headrest

This feature is suitable for individuals who require additional neck or head support. If you constantly suffer from back issues, then the presence of a headrest is a must in your ergonomic seating unit. It permits the muscles to relax and boosts blood circulation. This feature is generally used when you recline your chair.

Suffice to say that by investing in an ergonomic office chair, like a chair, you invest in your health. When exploring this kind of furniture, look for ergonomic chairs having at least a five-year warranty. It ensures that you are putting your money into a quality piece of furniture.

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