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5 Key Money Transfer App Benefits: When Sending Money from Ghana to Kenya

There’s been a huge revolution in the mobile financial service industry. Millennials and those younger than them have fully embraced options that make financial services a lot easier. Many people are slowly letting go of physical wallets and conventional options such as banks since they can have the same services right from their smartphones. When you want to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya, a money transfer app will make it easier for you.

Customers in this day and age are constantly looking for high-tech and secure financial solutions that can make payments a lot easier for them. And money transfer apps seem to answer this call. Why do we say this? Well, here are 5 key reasons that might just make you switch from the old money transfer methods and embrace the use of a money transfer app to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya:

Instant Payments

Sometimes you’ve received a distress call and need to act fast. Sending money internationally using brick-and-mortar options is rather slow. How can you Send Money from Ghana to Kenya quickly? Well, that’s where a money transfer app comes into the limelight.

These apps are quite fast when you need to move funds between different countries. Most times, the transfer even takes seconds. How about that for speed? Instead of having to wait hours or even days before the money gets to the recipient, you just wait a few seconds or minutes.

When you have an emergency, every second matters. And money transfer apps understand this very well. Also, your recipient won’t have to wait for a specified number of days to withdraw cash as a security measure. Once the funds hit their account, they can withdraw right away and resolve their needs. Instant payments are more of a necessity these days than just an added advantage.

Security When You Send Money from Ghana to Kenya

When you opt to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya online, then you have to look after your security. After all, a lot is happening in terms of cybercrime and you wouldn’t want to be among those who have lost their money online.

Lucky for you, money transfer apps ensure that they maintain your security online. Through the use of modern technology such as two-factor authentication, biometrics, and encryption, they safeguard your funds through and through. Even when someone steals your mobile device, they can’t access your funds through the app because of the security features in place.

Hence, you can Send Money from Ghana to Kenya with peace of mind when you use a money transfer app. Money transactions have to be secure from end to end. Some apps even use added features such as tokenization, security questions, out-of-band authentication, and one-time passwords to keep you safe online.

Security concerns have long been the basis of many not using online financial services. But we’re happy to note that the tide is shifting. People are now becoming more confident in online transactions because of the security features being added.

Easy and Fast Self-Registration

The other comparative advantage money transfer apps have over conventional methods such as banks is the ease of registration. Unlike most banks, which require in-person registration, you can visit your favorite money transfer app and create an account from the comfort of your home. What’s even better is that you carry out this registration on your own.

All this makes your experience a lot faster and easier than other methods in the industry. The self-registration is simple and straightforward to complete. Thereafter, you can Send Money from Ghana to Kenya without any obstacle. Just be sure to provide all of your credible details and identification documents when required. This will help reduce the time it takes to verify your account.

After the app verifies your details, you can now add your credit or debit card so that you can fund your account for the transaction. Once you have added money to the account, you’re ready to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya.

Rewards, Discounts, and Coupons When You Send Money from Ghana to Kenya

Who wouldn’t like rewards and discounts when they need to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya? This helps you to save funds and get a good deal in the end. Mobile money transfer apps are the ideal places to get coupons and discounts that can save you money. This is especially the case when you’re a first-time user or you have been with them for a while. This can even be a basis for choosing the money transfer app to use. But you should still consider other features.

It is Cheaper to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya

A money transfer app doesn’t usually impose a lot of fees like its banking counterparts. Hence, it saves you the cost of footing a lot of unnecessary figures. There are also no hidden charges that swindle users.

Final Thoughts

Mobile money transfer apps are ideal when you want to Send Money from Ghana to Kenya. And you have seen the 5 main benefits they bring to the table. Now’s the time to start using these apps.

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