5 Simple Tips for Choosing Birthday Gifts for Bosses to Make it Memorable


Birthdays are often synonymous with congratulations and special gifts given by those closest to them. No exception for superiors in the office, there is nothing wrong if employees give special gifts as a form of sincere attention. However, it is not uncommon for employees to feel confused about choosing the right gift.

So that you don’t make the wrong choice and stay special, let’s look at some simple tips for choosing a birthday gift for your boss. Guaranteed to be impressed, you know!

1. Choose a gift based on the gender of our boss

The first tip that is most important to note is the selection of gifts that are tailored to the gender of our boss. It’s impossible, if it comes to giving a gift to a girl’s boss, but the contents are really male stuff. The boss might sulk because of our actions.

For male bosses, we can choose items that can be used daily or for work, such as casual outfits or items related to hobbies. If the boss is a girl, choose items that are more personal in nature, such as fashion products that are currently popular, cosmetic items, or other coveted items from the boss. Ornamental plants that are trending can also really be an option, you know.

2. Feel free to choose a gift according to our budget

Budget is the next consideration when we have determined what gifts will be given. Do not hesitate to adjust to our personal budget. Because the essence of birthday gifts is not about how expensive it is, but more about our attention and care.

If our budget is really limited, you can really buy gifts with other office colleagues. With joint contributions, we can actually have many choices and at the same time look more cohesive as fellow subordinates of the boss.

3. No less important, also consider the size of the gift

Because it will usually be given at the office, the size of the gift should also be taken into consideration. If the boss takes a private car, it doesn’t matter. It’s a different story if the boss has to ride a motorbike or even public transportation, it can be complicated if the gift from us is big and not enough in his briefcase.

If the gift is indeed a bit big or small but a lot, it doesn’t hurt to give an extra bag so that the boss doesn’t have trouble bringing it home. Small things like this are also worthy of consideration as a form of our concern.

4. Want to be more effective? Choose a specially ordered gift

The amount of inspiration for birthday gifts sometimes makes us confused about what kind of items to choose. If you still have a lot of time before the D-day, it never hurts to consider the items ordered specifically as a birthday present for the boss.

In addition to being able to match your wishes, specially ordered items can also adjust your budget, you know. Not only special gifts that can be obtained, the budget factor is also no longer an obstacle. Happy everyone, that’s it.

5. If the time is tight, you can make a happy birthday video collage

Actually, congratulations and prayers remain the most important core of the birthday moment itself. However, not infrequently people will feel that speech is still less special. Unfortunately, choosing items to be gifts also makes you confused because you don’t understand the boss’s tastes.

To keep it memorable, birthday wishes and prayers from office colleagues can be transformed into a special video collage. The capital of making video testimonials and being made up through the editing process is also really fun. Especially if you add a surprise party, the boss will be more happy and touched at the same time.

Those were five simple tips that can be considered when choosing a birthday gift for your boss. So don’t be confused anymore and you will definitely be successful in impressing the boss.

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