5 Tips for Creating the Best Movie Night

When the cold arrives, there is no better plan than a watching movie with a blanket on the sofa. It is a perfect plan for those days when we do not know what to do so as not to get bored. For a fun and exciting movie night, you will not need anything more than a good movie and some popcorn. And you don’t always have to do this plan at the movies; you can do it at home. Our experts will tell you how to create a perfect and cozy space to watch movies at home. Let yourself be inspired by our tips, and enjoy a good night relaxed at home, let the movie marathon begin!

Everything you need for a movie marathon at home is popcorn, candlelight, a good scent, a woolen blanket, and decorative cushions. With the right accessories, you can create a cozy atmosphere in no time. You can create a perfect space to enjoy a most romantic cinema atmosphere for you and your life partner. On the internet, you can get these and more accessories so you can instantly enjoy a cozy and stylish space while doing a movie marathon.

Our 15 favorite movies for a marathon night

A cozy movie night has a lot to offer. Here we have made a list of romantic comedy, action, thriller, or love story movies? Check out this selection of movies so you can choose the one you prefer. If you are looking for a private cinema near me to enjoy a perfect movie night at home, visit bookthecinema.com 

  • A drama…Life Sentence
  • A romantic comedy…Love actually
  • A fun…Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
  • A classic for the whole family…Nightmare before Christmas
  • One of adventure and fiction…The Lord of the rings
  • A Tarantino classic…Pulp fiction
  • A romantic and crying…Titanic
  • A Disney film…The Lion King
  • One of the girls…Bad Girls
  • A horror movie…The glow
  • One for Christmas…Home alone
  • A science fiction…Mars Attacks!
  • A comedy movie…Bryan’s life
  • A romantic comedy…Crazy Stupid Love
  • A romantic drama…One day

Tips for a movie marathon night

We are ready for the next movie night and we are already looking forward to spending some nice and comfortable hours on the sofa. To make sure you’ll be able to enjoy that movie marathon moment, try to adapt the area as much as possible.

Try adding cushions and blankets to help you be much more comfortable. Another thing you can do is opt for indirect lightings such as candles or lanterns. In this way, you will get a much more intimate atmosphere almost the same as in the cinema.

In the event that you have invited people to the house, add more blankets so that everyone is comfortable. This way you will make them feel almost at home.

We hope our ideas have inspired you for your next movie marathon night. We have already chosen our movie, and you?