Health5 Types Of Protein Powders And Their Benefits

5 Types Of Protein Powders And Their Benefits

Do you know how much protein your body needs per day to help you burn those extra calories? Or do you know which protein is good for your body according to the fitness goal you have set. Different people have different body types, and each has different levels of protein requirements.

Most people think that taking a protein powder has adverse effects on their bodies, but that isn’t true. Protein is essential for your body, and you must consume it daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Irrespective of whether you take supplements, protein helps in fat loss and muscle gain and supports other general health problems. As you move forward in this post, you will learn about six different types of proteins and how they benefit your body.

Proteins and their use

Protein is a generic term used for any type of protein. But different body types have additional requirements, and for getting results, you need to pick a particular protein that is right for your body type. So, find out which out of these different proteins is best for you.

1. Whey protein

It is amongst the most consumed and effective forms of protein derived from milk products. Natural sources of whey protein are curd, cottage cheese, and cheese. It is a type of protein that is packed with branch-chain amino acids that support muscle gain and muscle recovery. People who are lactose intolerant cannot go for whey protein. However, those who have no problem should most certainly consume whey protein because it is one of the purest forms of protein.

2. Soy protein

If you want to try plant-based protein, you can 100% go with soy protein. Limited consumption of soy protein does not harm your body. However, if you consume in excess, it might mess up the estrogen levels in your body. Soy protein consists of all essential amino acids that your body needs, and so it makes the perfect match for anyone who wants to gain muscle mass.

3. Pea Protein

A pure vegetarian form of protein is best for vegan people. It also is rich in amino acids and has a high fibre content. Pea protein is made with yellow pea, pulses and legumes. It is a 100% plant-based protein that is best for people who are vegetarians and lactose intolerant.

4. Hemp protein

Another form of natural plant-based protein is hemp protein. It does not contain as much protein as other protein powders, but it does not mean it has no purpose. It is low in protein and rich in fibre. It is also suitable for people with cardiac conditions and vegetarians, of course. If you do not have much of a fitness goal and still want to maintain decent protein levels in your diet, you should go with hemp protein.

5. Casein Protein

A protein that absorbs slowly and takes time to digest. It is also a milk protein, but there is a difference between whey and casein protein. When casein protein and stomach acids mix, the digestion process slows down and results in managing less calorie consumption. It is best for people who are trying to lose weight. It keeps your stomach fuller, and thus you consume fewer calories in a day.

So here you got to know about the top 5 protein powders. The list can go on because more protein is made of egg whites, almonds, brown rice and different grains. You can do your own research or consult your nutritionist before you pick any form of protein powder.

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