5 Ways to Select a Forex CRM


Newcomer business owners who get their feet wet in the Forex market understand the binary nature of the industry. On the one hand, the market unlocks a wide range of opportunities and benefits with growing trading volumes, while on the other hand, all the pros are available for the “chosen ones.”

What does it mean for a newer brokerage company? Implement the best solutions and industry-leading components to make your offer a state-of-the-art one, letting clients access advanced ultra-competitive features.

Meanwhile, on top of the components, a firm needs to integrate a solution that plays the role of a control station, managing and automating inner processes. As of today, a high-quality Forex CRM system is understood as a must for brokerage companies no matter how large firms are.

The market suggests tens of systems integrate, and business owners face a dilemma – which software entirely meets the demands of their companies. Take the following principles into account while looking for the best-matching Forex CRM:

#1. All-in-one solutions take care of both brokers and traders

Today’s providers of such software frequently unlock access to the following components: back office, trader’s room, and client portal, and an all-in-one solution is the most effective option to be integrated.

First and foremost, brokerage companies are claimed to satisfy their traders, and a solution provides clients with a set of instruments and an eye-catching interface to make the trading platform as convenient and functional as possible. At the same time, business owners’ interests are taken into account as well.

#2. The combination of inner and outer integrations affects a firm’s functionality

Forex CRM systems are claimed to empower business owners with the fullest control over all inner processes and automate the functionality to cut the company’s expenses. As for technology providers, they include a set of different instruments like security applications or inbuilt payment gateways.

At first sight, the more instruments mean the better, but you need to understand which components truly correspond with your business needs.

While speaking of outer integrations, those components do matter as well. For instance, B2Core, a next-generation solution, makes it possible for brokerage companies to integrate KYC verification options, advanced security instruments, notification services, marketing tools, up to 80 payment providers, and other components that jump a level of your business.

#3. Compliance with crypto financial instruments keeps your company up with the time

The Forex market has to adjust to new tendencies; this is why brokerage businesses unlock crypto CFDs for progressive traders and investors. As such, CRM systems need to support such an opportunity as well, letting a company work with crypto-related instruments.

For instance, B2Core provides your traders with access to crypto wallets where they can hold digital currencies. Crypto deposits are available as well – business owners may integrate the B2BinPay provider to make their companies even more compliant with today’s demands.

#4. The highest customization helps businesses to earn clients’ respect

A trading CRM is an instrument that manages all the inner processes; meanwhile, business owners demand the highest customization to impress their clients. Such a factor is exceptionally important for beginner businesses – their success is mainly based on clients’ respect.

Reliable providers offer business owners the deepest customization – brokers may activate or disconnect diverse widgets to make a system tailored for their business needs. Furthermore, high-quality systems offer an intuitive interface to make a system straightforward to use for both beginners and professionals.

Customization is tightly connected with the connection simplicity. The Rest API connection technology makes the integration as convenient as possible for all the business models (brokers, exchanges, funds, and more).

#5. Brokers need to get technical support around the clock

A client cabinet, back office, and trader’s room need to function as one system, and reliable providers are in charge of all setups and integration processes. Meanwhile, no matter how functional the systems are, bugs and errors happen from time to time, and high-level technical support available around the clock is of much account.

B2Core is the industry-leading solution that matches all the business needs and boosts brokerage firms effectively. Newcomer business owners may get this component separately or as a part of the turnkey brokerage service.