Sports6 Blunders Fantasy Cricket Players should Avoid while Playing

6 Blunders Fantasy Cricket Players should Avoid while Playing

Fantasy sports have become so well-known. They are played worldwide by many gaming consumers. The key here is keeping the excitement intact and making the right decision while creating your fantasy team. Although the best gamers commit mistakes in choosing the players, avoiding missteps will enhance your chances of winning the game.

It makes no difference whether you are a beginner or an expert in fantasy sports. As a human, you tend to make a couple of common errors, and here are some tips to avoid them. Ensure to not do the same mistakes as they might become blunders in fantasy games.

Many fantasy players lose matches for making silly mistakes in their choices. So, here are beginners’ fantasy blunders to avoid while playing the IPL T20 fantasy sports.


It might cost you some crucial points if you ignore updating yourself on the insights required to approach a fantasy game. An analytical strategy for fantasy gaming is a perfect way to get significant information concerning the player information, pitch and weather reports, and other uncertain parameters. Enter the data-driven system for fantasy drafting and you will be surprised to see your own results.

If you overlook during the selection of your IPL dream team and do not utilize your ability, you will lose a chance of having a desired result in your favour.


There should absolutely be no space for favourites in your fantasy team. Since skill-based games like fantasy cricket require intellectual and analytical thinking, why go with an emotional approach? Bear in mind that fantasy games are played for financial gains by investing your hard-earned money in contests and competitions. So, selecting your favourite player even when he is not in form is not a good idea to progress in fantasy games.

It is absolutely okay to support your favourite player when you are watching the game. But change your mindset while qualifying the players for a fantasy team and just focus on skill, tactics, and gaming knowledge. Break the emotional bondage with your favourite player if you want to win in fantasy games.

Know the Rules

The result of overlooking a rule can be costly, so be sure to know the rules before your draft. Neglecting the rules might become a silly reason to lose the game. Concentrate on learning the rules as you will be putting money to participate in the contests to win and earn cash rewards. So, it is a basic rule to know the points system and accordingly plan your playing XI.

Never Play Without a Strategy and Budget

Have an arrangement for playing free matches and paid contests. With a perfect gaming strategy, you can dominate the match and get a chance to earn both reward points and cash prizes. Meanwhile, do not invest all your money at once in a single contest instead, plan your budget and do the basic research on fantasy cricket squads before spending money on them. Remember the saying, “never put all your eggs in the same basket.” This quote applies to the world of fantasy sports also. In this way, you can select the best players who can bring you results through cash.

Do Not get Excited, Nor Get Distracted

Since fantasy sports is a billion-dollar business, you can be an overnight sensation with loads of money in your bank account. So, do not get excited if you win, and do not get distracted if you lose the game. Consider it as a learning process and understand how fantasy sports actually work and put your hard work to move up the ladder. In fantasy gaming, there is a tendency to suffer huge defeats after getting some monetary benefits. So, you should be careful while learning the nuances of the game do not get distracted if you lose some amount momentarily. Do not give up and be patient.

Believing in Paid Teams

Most fantasy beginners do the mistake of running after paid teams in many leagues like IPL T20 fantasy and it is not just a mistake, but it is a blunder on their part. Fantasy sports is not an entertainment business or a form of gambling. There, you might get access to watch the best of the shows when you get a subscription. But fantasy sports are played with a proper strategy where you need to use your analytical skills, do predictive analysis, and then spend on those contests where you are sure of getting returns. Hence, do not depend on paid subscriptions, be self-reliant, and make your own winning team.

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