6 Things to Know Before Moving to Danville, IL


Here are Some Things You Will Want to Know About Your New Home

Moving to a large scale city can be a true challenge. Getting to know your new neighbors while adapting to a different economic climate than you are used to can be daunting, but not all moves involve the big city. More and more people are moving to smaller towns these days for their close-knit feel and low crime rates. Among the more popular smaller cities people are moving to is Danville, IL. If you are about to move to Danville or are looking for a great place to raise a family, here are some things you will want to know about Danville, IL.

Growing Employment Opportunities

If you are moving to Danville, you might already have employment lined up, but it never hurts to know what else is around for employment in the city. Danville is a growing economy for certain. Industry in Danville is growing substantially and some of the larger employment opportunities for industry is Greenwood Plastics Industries, Mervis Industries, and Motion Industries. Currently, the unemployment rate in Danville is 6.5% which is relatively high compared to the 3.7% average unemployment rating across the US. However, do not let those numbers frighten you. Jobs in Danville have increased 1.1% in the last year, so the local economy is on the rise.

Cost of Living

Among the most attractive attributes of Danville would have to be its overall cost of living. Cost of living can be a big factor anywhere you move. Not only will it affect home prices across the board, but food, entertainment, fuel for your vehicle, and more. In high end places such as LA and New York, living costs make it difficult to live in the city without multiple room mates and an excellent paying job. In Danville, things are a little different.

Median house prices in Danville hover around $75,000. With the average US house price maintaining around $200,000, you can plainly see how Danville’s nominal home price is attractive to many buyers. In Danville, you can enjoy a comfortable life in an average size home for less than half the cost of the rest of the country on average. Those savings include other cost of living attributes as well, so expect to pay less for groceries, gas, and virtually all living expenses in Danville, IL.

Healthier Population

We live at a time in history where more and more people are including a regular fitness regimen into their daily routine. In Danville, people are getting healthier as well. Actually, roughly 92% of the population of Danville has some form of health insurance and about 10% of residents are active joggers. Keep in mind, joggers only account for a portion of healthy individuals in Danville, so when moving here, expect to see your fair share of runners, outdoor enthusiasts, and sports enthusiasts helping you remain encouraged to get healthy too.

Rent a Storage Unit

Moving does not have to be a challenge and when moving to this part of the country, a storage unit will be your best friend. Storage units in Danville, IL remain remarkably affordable and are one of the best ways to ensure your move goes smoothly. A storage unit can help you move into your new home easier. It provides an extra place for storing little used items or seasonal things while you are organizing your new home. Additionally, storage units in Danville can provide outdoor and even temperature controlled storage needs to ensure your valuables remain safe, secure, and mold free. When you move to Danville, you will have a lot to think about, so rent a storage unit, so you can at least take your storage needs off your mind.

Rent or Buy?

We have already discussed how attractive home prices in Danville are compared to other parts of the country but buying a home right when you move is not always an option. You will be happy to know that unlike other areas of the world, rental prices and average mortgage payments are very similar in Danville. Expect to pay on average, $504 per month in rent and mortgage payments tend to hover right around $495, so either way, you will not be spending too much on a place to rest your head each night. Currently in Danville, 63.8% of homes are owned while 36.2% of homes are rented.

Activities in Danville

When moving to a place like Danville, IL, you will want to do more than simply work and go to your home. There are a lot of activities in this growing city that will keep you busy no matter where your interests lie. Lake Vermilion is available for those who simply must enjoy a bit of aquatic fun and for residents that prefer to embrace history, the Vermilion County Museum and the Vermilion County War Museum are among the best in the city. For the outdoor enthusiast, Kickapoo State Park and Recreation Area provide plenty of outdoor fun with endless trails and wilderness to enjoy.

Moving to a place like Danville, IL can be a mixed bag of emotions. For those moving from a larger city, it can seem a bit small, but once you arrive and begin to embrace the people of Danville, you will discover that this seemingly small town has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. Enjoy your move to Danville, IL.