7 common questions about toll free numbers answered


Toll free numbers are a great communication tool for a business because they give customers from anywhere in the world a way to get in touch with you for free.

But not every business has considered getting a toll free number.

And even more have questions about why they would.

So, let’s answer some of those questions here.

What is a toll free number?

Toll free numbers are free to call phone numbers.

They allow your customers and clients to reach your business at no extra cost no matter where in the world they call from.

Providing that the number is text enabled, your customers and clients will be able to contact you via text message for free as well.

How does a toll free number work?

When it comes to the caller, dialling a toll free number works the same as any other.

They simply dial the number to connect with a customer service rep, help desk, etc.

The only difference for them dialling a toll-free number is that long-distance calls are free, even if they’re calling from their landline.

Or from another country.

You as the host will be responsible for covering the cost of calls.

This way your customers, clients or prospects don’t have to worry about receiving a huge bill for long-distance call charges.

Is it free to dial a toll free number from a mobile?

A number of businesses and organisations use freephone numbers, including helplines and charities, according to Ofcom – including Action on Hearing Loss UK and Age UK.

Even government services like Job Seeker’s Allowance use free calling services.

From a landline, dialling these numbers won’t charge the caller, but if they’re using their mobile, they may have to cover the cost.

But this depends on their provider and if they’ve set their own charges for users wanting to call a toll free number.

Are all toll free numbers free internationally?

International calls are expensive, and since the owner of the number is the one covering the cost of calls, many of them make the decision to block access from international callers.

In this case, the business provides a local number for clients to call instead.

If you don’t have international calls blocked, you’ll cover the costs and your customers will be able to reach you from anywhere for free.

Who owns the toll free number?

Toll free numbers these days are relatively cheap, and once you purchase one, you’ll officially be the owner of the number.

Your business will be responsible for covering the cost of calls from your clients.

What’s the difference between a 1300 and 1800 number?

1300 and 1800 are both inbound numbers that are exclusively used to receive incoming calls.

The difference between them lies in how the costs are divided between the caller and your business.

When calling from a landline, calls to 1800 numbers are free for the caller and you’ll be responsible for covering the cost.

With a 1300 number though, the cost will be shared between you and the caller.

It’s important to point out that costs when calling from a mobile will vary depending on the caller’s provider.

Why should you use a toll free number?

There are many ways your business can benefit from having a toll free number.

  • It looks professional

A toll free number can make your business appear more professional and established.

With nationwide access, you’ll be able to extend your outreach and use call forwarding to direct incoming calls from different regions to whichever line suits you best.

  • Helps build your brand

With a toll free number, you can choose a number that’s easy for your customers, clients or prospects to remember.

Many businesses choose vanity numbers that include the company name or catchy words to further reinforce their brand.

  • Broadens your exposure

Toll free numbers are great for businesses who’re looking to reach a wider audience.

They convey a bigger presence, beyond an area code.

Are toll free numbers really worth it? 

Toll free telephone numbers aren’t just great for providing your customers or clients with a free way to get in touch with you, they also can open up multiple new opportunities for your business.

From looking more professional and being able to reach wider audiences to them being relatively inexpensive to set up, toll free numbers offer many ways to improve your services.