7 Helpful Benefits Of Eco Showerheads


For a second, just consider the amount of water you’ve wasted till now and also remember the irritating morning showers due to low water pressure from wall-mounted showerheads. So why did you still have a traditional showerhead? Opt for an Eco Showerhead to enjoy an exciting shower experience. 

These environment-friendly showers attach to your shower wall by a long metal hose with a switch and bracket to put it back. For environment-conscious people, these showerheads provide an easy way to save energy and water without compromising water pressure.  

Below are seven helpful benefits of Eco Showerheads that might solve your problems related to water conservation, low-pressure showers, and others. 

1- Handheld Shower: 

As discussed above, eco showers are usually handheld like Eco Water Showerhead to clean our body’s nooks and crannies without wasting a lot of water. Moreover, families who share a single bathroom typically find difficulties in fixed or wall-mounted showerheads due to height differences, and it is tricky to reposition a fixed shower head. You’ll need to call a plumber or spend your precious time and effort with plumbing tools. However, in an eco shower head, you can set it according to your height or run the sprayer all over your body and clean the inaccessible parts. 

2- Spa Experience:  

All simple and advanced handheld showerheads give ultimate comfort over conventional fixed or wall-mounted showers. Handheld showers also work as massagers, as they have a couple of settings so that you can enjoy a spa-like experience at home. After exercise or walks, you could even use a handheld showerhead to soothe sore muscles.

A handheld showerhead also enhances the regular bathing experience by providing you direct water. No need to struggle while rinsing the shampoo out of lengthy hair. These showerheads enable you to clean up while retaining your hair dry. You can also mount it on the bracket and use it as a fixed showerhead. Moreover, you can also sit while cleaning or doing leg-shaving. 

3- Mineral Beads 

You are also worried about limescale buildup on walls & faucets, which clogged the showerhead and pipes and damaged the hair quality and texture. Handheld showers have a built-in filtration unit that converts hard water into soft water. A showerhead with mineral beads is a handheld shower with three types of mineral beads or bioactive stones. 

Moreover, it doesn’t let you waste energy cleaning silicon nozzles as it has 250 laser-cut holes by anodized aluminum. No possibility for mineral buildup on the showerhead. It has three types of mineral stones; Maifan, Alkaline Tourmaline, and Antibacterial Activation Mineralization stone that penetrates 99% chlorine, minerals, fluorides, bacteria, salts, and germs from the tap water. Eco showerhead also adjusts the PH value of water and makes it beneficial for your health.

4- Hassle-Free Pet Cleaning: 

Save bucks by washing your pet all by yourself instead of sending it to the groomer. A handheld unit concentrates the spray right where you need it, allowing you to wash away bad pet odors. 

Eco showerheads also provide an excellent feel for kids irritated by the noise and pressure of standard showers. It gives them great control to showering on their own. For kids who still need a little help with cleaning, the eco showerhead lets mothers wash and clean their children. It is also accessible to water plants and washes other household items, like hard-to-clean mini blinds. 

5- Variety of Spray Settings: 

They have a variety of spray settings and are available in many styles, types, and finishes. And that’s the reason why they are so in trend these days. Eco shower head has three settings; rainfall, massage, and jetting, which will ease your muscles and reduce tension and stress. 

6-Save Water and Increase Pressure 

Fixed showerheads cause more water wastage when compared to handheld showers. They have low pressure, which is a highly annoying thing in showers. On the other hand, eco showerheads save water up to 30% and increase water pressure up to 200%. Moreover, while shaving or lathering up your body, you can turn off the water by using a shut-off switch on the handle. 

Many companies even offer less-flow or adjustable handheld showerheads to give you the ultimate shower experience with the least waste. 

7- DIY Installation 

Many people prefer adjustable due to quick DIY installation and no plumber needed. There is a never-ending debate between fixed and flexibles as both have their pros and cons. 

  1. Remove the Old Shower Head
  2. Clean the Shower Arm Thoroughly
  3. Tape the Shower Arm Threads
  4. Place the New Showerhead
  5. Turn on The Water and Test the New Showerhead

And here you go! With a new and fantastic showerhead. 

Author Bio:

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