7 sales training videos that will change the way you sell.

Getting sales in a competitive and saturated market like today’s is quite a task. Training your salesperson for getting enough sales to make your breakeven turn into profit is very important. But that included an additional cost of training sessions. According to Training magazine’s study, the annual training budget averagely for companies under 1,000 employees was $290,000. And for companies between 1,000 and 9,999 employees, that budget grew to $3.7 million per year. When we talk about big companies with 10,000+ employees, the budget rises up to $13 million. Man, this is one hell of the amount companies are spending on pieces of training and training only.

To be honest, to get a nice bunch of sales your team definitely needs sales training. But to cut the cost of sale training sessions costing hundreds and thousands of dollars there must be other options available. Before your company directly jumps over to the decision of hiring sales training specialists, spending a junk of your hard-earned revenue on sales training, just give a try to hours of free sales training videos on YouTube.

We all know that videos are an incredible source to add value to your sales training programs. Just trusting our word for it is not enough. You can have a look at these sales videos yourself.

Alright, alright we know there is an overwhelming amount of sales training videos available on YouTube. And you do not want to spend endless hours to figure out which one of them will work best for your company’s environment.

Don’t worry, we took our time to sift through YouTube and compile a list of 7 sales training videos that will make you change the way you sell.

7 sales training videos:

So here is the gold, we are sharing with you the best training video examples, the top 7 sales training videos which are a must-watch for your sales team to make them get great sales.

1. How to be Great at Sales by Grant Cardone

Here Grant Cardone speaks in a very clear tone about how you have to first change your mind set before selling your product. He makes you believe in your product and company to be top class and think about it in a persuasive way.

This is the first and foremost thing you need to make your salespeople believe. The product you are selling and the company you are working in is incredibly the best. Once you believe in yourself then only you are going to be able to sell your product.

2. How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead by Art Sobczak

Cold calling has become obsolete that is still being used. It is not an easy task, after all, who likes to call someone who will just end the call in the middle of you talking. People take the first 10 seconds to judge if they want to listen to your talk or want to end up the conversation.

This video teaches you how to smart call instead of the cold call. Just go watch the video yourself to get the concept perfectly.

3. Sandler Rule #1: You Have to Learn to Fail to Win by bob Annoni

This video gives a very important message. We have to learn to fail to win, this is Sandlers Rule number #1. We get to learn in this video that if Henry Ford can fail 4 times before getting succeeded in achieving his target then we all can also win after the failure. Failure is not bad, what bad is the fear of failing.

This is a short video having quite competent information.

4. Fear of Rejection is Bogus, by Jeffrey Gitomer

As we have learned about failure in the above-mentioned video. This is about overcoming the fear of failure.  Jeffrey Gitomer has explained in detail but the simple way how to overcome the fear of rejection or fear of failure. He tells us that self-confidence is the key to outrun these fears and after that whether fear of rejection or the fear of failure all are false. First, believe in yourself and then you can make anything happen.

We would not be stealing the show anymore, just watch the video for yourself.

5. 3 Simple Steps to Close a Sales Deal by Ryan Stewman Official

Ryan Stewman explains all the important aspects of closing a deal in a very effective and persuasive way. He says closing a deal is not as complicated as it seems, his mentioned three easy steps can be a miracle for you. We would not like to steal a show here, here is the link just go and watch it.

6. If You Hate Mondays by Anthony Iannarino

The sales job is a tricky one, it can easily take the motivation away from the salesperson to be productive especially after the weekend. Here Anthony Iannarino explains very beautifully how can you overcome your Monday blues. Here is the link for your ease.

7. The Law of Attraction, Importance of Sales Skills & Working Smarter by GaryVee 

This one is a detailed video by GaryVee in which he has answered many of the questions asked by people about how to increase their sales. He encourages the new business starters to never give up and keep trying new tactics to get proficient sales. It will be more clear when you listen to him by yourself. Here is our favor to you for watching that video without searching it on YouTube.

Bottom Line:

Internet especially YouTube is flooded with videos on every topic. Sales training videos are made by many influencers; some even have the sales training channels to teach people how to get profitable sales with less effort. If you want to get your own videos on any topic you can simply get them done by BuzzFlick, a video Animation company. They are best at creating quality content with engaging animation.