8 Interesting Things To Know Before Buying Grand Seiko Watches

There are a lot of luxury timepieces in the market today. Through the years, more and more great watch manufacturers are becoming more popular than ever. This has become a challenge to most seasoned luxury watchmakers in the world. Aside from maintaining a good reputation, long-established watch manufacturers have to improve their strategies and techniques in crafting these precious timepieces.

One of the well-established luxury watch brands today is Grand Seiko. The first Seiko shop was established in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori. Despite their success in producing one of the high-end watches in the world, Grand Seiko started a bit rough against its competitors worldwide. However, these Japanese-made timepieces use this obstacle to continue improving their craft and eventually become one of the most sought-after watches in the world.

What is special about Grand Seiko?

If you are considering buying a Grand Seiko watch, you need to know why this luxury timepiece is way better than other japanese watch brands. In this article, we will enumerate the advantages and special characteristics of the Grand Seiko watch. Let’s take a look at each of them.

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1. It is one of the trusted names in watchmaking

For many years, Grand Seiko has made its name as one of the most trusted timepieces in the world. It is not only because they are one of the pioneers in the industry but also they managed to keep up with the changing trends and demands in the field of watchmaking. Grand Seiko has established a good reputation because people have trusted their timepieces for a long time.

2. It has one of the most precise mechanism

One of the best things about Grand Seiko is that they produce watches with different types of movements. They use the Quartz movement for the majority of their collection. This movement is considered one of the most precise mechanisms and requires less maintenance. They also manufacture mechanical watches for their oldest collection. This is where the Japanese brand has become famous back in the day. All the mechanical Grand Seiko watches are known for their high-quality chronometers which can outstand Swiss mechanisms.

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3. It is made with high standards of craftsmanship

Japanese are known for their quality engineering and intricate detailing. This traditional craftsmanship has transpired through Grand Seiko watches. The company makes sure that all the timepieces in their collection maintain the same high standards as the traditional way of manufacturing timepieces. The most significant details they put on every Grand Seiko timepiece are standard and uniform on all timepieces that they sell.

4. It uses world-class materials

Apart from craftsmanship, Grand Seiko also makes sure that they use world-class materials on all their timepieces. A high-performing mechanism has to be paired with the best materials to make sure that it can withstand exposure even to extreme activities. Because of that, you can be sure that each of their timepieces is highly durable.

5. It has a wide range of models

Design is also an important aspect in manufacturing Grand Seiko watches. They have a wide range of models that will fit all types of preferences. If you are looking for a timepiece to wear on a formal occasion or if you are looking for a watch to wear on your weekend getaway, you will surely find a Grand Seiko timepiece for you. Each of their timepieces is equipped with different features to match all your needs.

6. It is a hand-made luxury timepiece

One of the best characteristics of a Grand Seiko watch is that they never skip the traditional way of manufacturing watches. Until today, some of the pieces in their collection are handcrafted by expert watchmakers. This makes their watches more reliable and durable. With the help of modern technology, you can be sure that their traditional watchmaking techniques are more detailed and precise.

7. It has an increasing market value

Over the years, Grand Seiko always performed well in the market. As most people know, a luxury timepiece often increases its resale value especially after a couple of years. While some brands find it a struggle, Grand Seiko watches are at around 50% to 60% retail value after two years. Because of that, your timepieces are surely a substantial investment. Moreover, if you are considering buying a special or limited edition model, you can peg up to 80% resale value on top of its original price.

8. It can last for more than a lifetime

Because of all these unique and world-class aspects, you can be sure that your Grand Seiko timepieces will last for more than a lifetime. It can be a precious family heirloom that you can pass on to the children of your children. The timepiece will tell decades of family stories which makes it more valuable than any type of investment.

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See it for yourself!

A luxury timepiece will always be precious. Every luxury watch you will find has its own unique personality. The key is to look for the perfect match for your personality and style. Grand Seiko may be the watch you’re looking for. Get one today at TheWatchCompany.com and experience the luxury yourself.

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