8 Things You Can Sell at a Flea Market

A flea market is a thrift market where second-hand goods are sold. The market comprises various things you can sell since customers come to buy anything at a cheaper price. It is the best place to find cheap products from various manufacturers. So what are the most popular products you can sell at the flea market? This post highlights the top things you can sell as thrift. Let’s dive in. 

Used Books

Attract a crowd at the flea market with your collection of books. Selling at a flea market will require selling products that people need and want. Books, especially best-sellers, come in handy at a flea market. Book lovers will flock to your booth to get the best edition of a book written by their best author. While selling books, you can also add magazines to your collection. 

Tables and Chairs

Some people go to the flea market to furnish their house instead of going to a furniture store. Take advantage of this and source some good furniture at an affordable price and sell them at the market. The furniture does not have to be limited to home furniture only, you can include office furniture from reliable office chair manufacturing companies. Moreover, furniture options at a flea market can also include cabinets, stools, ottoman, cupboards, etc.

Phone Cases

Instead of throwing away that old phone case you have overgrown, take it to a flea market and sell it. You can collect phone cases from friends and family or get from a supplier that offers them such as China phone cases wholesale suppliers. You can go ahead and customize them so they have a better appeal in the market. For additional profits, add more phone products such as headphones, earphones, phone chargers, and so on.

Cigar Boxes


There are cigar enthusiasts that will not miss a chance to buy a cigar humidor when they spot them at a flea market. This is a chance for you to find several cigar boxes with a variety of designs and sell them to the numerous people who will visit the market. Cigar humidors are very popular among a certain group of people and they will appreciate it when they see multiple options for them. 


Clothes are products you can sell anywhere and at a flea market, they are among the most popular goods you will find. Clothes from dresses, shirts, trousers, winter jackets, and even shoes will get you a lot of profit if you consider them for a flea market. You can sell vintage clothes or hand-make them. If you need some quick extra money, get rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore and sell them at the flea market. Ensure the clothes are still wearable to get people who will be interested in them. 


Jewelry is always a good product to sell anywhere and at a flea market they bring in more profits than other products. Ornaments can either be from a manufacturer or you can hand make them. If you have the skills to make jewelry then you are in a better position since your production cost will be lower and still make enough profits. Additionally, you can collect old pieces from people you know either buying from them or they can give you for free. And if you really have an amazing piece you should definitely think about selling your jewelry to a licensed buyer.


Utensils have also gained a lot of popularity at flea markets. People are going to these markets to get vintage pieces, classic, Scandinavian, mid-century designs, among others. If you can get such items then you are in luck as you can make huge profits from such goods. Clean them properly but ensure you preserve their uniqueness and labels so that they fetch even more money.


Artwork pieces are a nice way to decorate a room and more people are getting conversant with different forms of art and appreciating it more. If you have your original pieces, then the flea market is the perfect place for you. Art is very diverse and you can invest in all forms or focus on one, whichever way, you will still generate income out of them. If you have a favorite artist, you can collect their pieces and sell them at the market. It is also a way of educating the masses on the different forms of art.


Flea markets have been around for ages and now, they are being modernized making more people appreciate them. Selling products at a flea market can be exciting as you get to meet different kinds of people while you interact with other sellers who are selling extraordinary products. You can sell anything at a flea market as long as you know how to convince people to buy your products.