8 Tips on Hiring an Underwater Construction and Repairs Service


Implementing aquatic building solutions is demanding. Here are 8 tips on hiring an underwater construction and repairs service:

1. Experience Matters

Hiring knowledgeable divers will ensure an efficient partnership. They are less likely to waste your time and resources. Our team has over 60 years of combined commercial diving experience. You can rely on a reputable service that has seen it all.

2. Safety First

Divers must hold various licenses and permits. When hiring a commercial company to complete your underwater task, make sure that they are accredited and legitimate. Our specialists have the knowledge required to inspect, repair, demolish, and weld things underwater. Underwater welding is extremely dangerous. Both wet welding and dry welding, also known as hyperbaric welding have high fatality rates. The death rate of underwater welders is estimated to be 15%. An underwater dry welder is 1,000 times more likely to die on the job than a police officer.

3. Versatility is Valuable

Southern Divers has the support of a diverse team with different skills to help complete your project. Our knowledgeable associates have various degrees and certifications to handle any task. Our team has abundant qualifications including Heavy-Rigid Truck Licences, Dogman Certifications, as well as Crane Operator and Forklift Licences. Degrees held among our specialists are in Science, Marine Environmental Science, and Plant Science (Biotechnology.)

4. Quality Work

Underwater repairs and construction require a high level of expertise. When investing in costly aquatic infrastructure it is imperative to hire a company that will stand by its work. Experts at Southern Divers produce top-quality repairs. Our strict standards are conducive to us providing the highest grade service. Always enlist help that gets the job done the right way.

5. Communicative Service

Communication is paramount when it comes to completing underwater tasks. Whether building, repairing, demolishing or surveying, communication between parties is crucial. Proper communication can prevent damage to structures and preserve a diver’s health. Southern Divers strives to offer environmental solutions and underwater services while efficiently communicating with clients. Our team will work with you to decide on the best plan of action for your project.

6. Specialization

When hiring a team to complete your underwater tasks, make sure you find specialists for the job. Our professional divers have various qualifications that allow individuals to satisfy unique demands in a highly-dangerous environment.

7. Preparation

Working together with clients is important to prepare for an underwater job. You do not want an inexperienced diving company when it comes to underwater construction. Working underwater while ill-prepared can be an expensive mistake and could even cost a diver their life. When completing aquatic repairs it is crucial to know what you are doing to ensure the success of the structure.

8. Accountability

It is most important to find a commercial diving company that will stand by its work. Companies providing underwater services should be able to guarantee top-quality construction, repairs, and accurate surveys. At Southern Divers, we can assure the best possible service. Visit southerndivers.com.au to contact us today.

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