9 Common Facts about Depression That You Must Know to Manage Depression


Depression is actually a mood swing and hidden but serious illness that you must take seriously. Now, there are some facts that you must know about depression if you want to manage depression carefully. Those are in the below article. However, if your depressive state is serious, you must follow the MAOI guide or visit a psychologist.

Common Facts about Depression

These are the common facts about depression that you must know:

Different Triggers

Depression has various triggers. I mean to say depression has various factors that can increase the risk of developing it. Now, if you have depression in the past, you may develop it again. At the same time, if your family member was depressed before, there is a good chance that you will be depressed in your life too. Besides, you might also develop depression without any obvious reason.


Genes are also responsible for depression. Suppose your family member was depressed, and you contain your parent’s genes. So, if they were depressed before and those genes that contain those characteristics are in you also lead you to depression.

Depression Harms Your Body

Depression is a mental illness. But, it can cause very crucial damage to your body. Now, you will suffer stomach problems, digestion problems, headaches, pains in your body, and general aches; these are the result of your depression. Besides, many people don’t eat during a depression that seriously harms the body.

Gut Feeling

Many studies suggest that depression may be a gut feeling. However, depression is associated with gut imbalance. So, you have to manage depression carefully to get rid of this. Now, many experts suggest that probiotics and prebiotics can play a vital role in getting rid of depression. Furthermore, a balanced diet can also do the trick.

Brain Changes

During a major depression, the brain changes phenomenally. It is totally based on various studies. Researches state that those who suffer from major depression also encounter changes in brain functions. At the same time, the MRI that is used to diagnose can’t be used to determine the cause. So, a new technique is needed to diagnose depression.

Other Health Problems

Research that is conducted in July 2019 suggests that depression can also lead the victim to other diseases. It is a proven fact, and researchers don’t know why it happens. But, if you are depressed, there is a high chance that you will develop autoimmune conditions or chronic inflammatory conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, irritable bowel diseases, or arthritis.

Depressed People May Seem Normal

Depression is a hidden illness. So, depressed people may seem they are not in depression. It is not my opinion. It is based on many researchers study and statement. Despite being depressed, people may seem happy, joyful, or cheerful to others. But, inside of those people, they are not fine at all, and they may be struggling a lot that we won’t find out normally.

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We all must know that exercise helps to get rid of depression. That is because exercise helps to stimulate body components that also improves mood state and makes you feel better. So, you must at least do 30 minutes of physical exercise that will help you to get in shape and manage depression. Besides, make sure to go to bed at a regulated time and eat well.

Depression Can Lead to Anxiety

Depression can also lead you to encounter another mental condition, and the most common one would be anxiety. Yes, many people who suffer from depression also suffer from anxiety. So, you need to manage your depression state carefully.


These are the most common facts about depression that you must know if you are suffering from depression.