A Beginner’s Guide To iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac: Features and Advantages


Businesses are utilizing the data to offer enhanced services to customers. Thanks to digital data storage devices, storing data has become more efficient than ever.

The more advance we get with data storage management, the more risk we are putting on the data. With the data stored in digital devices, there are prone to several uncertainties that cause the loss of data.

Over the years, data has evolved in many industries around itself. Among those industries, the most popular industry is the data recovery industry. Data recovery is the process of recovering back data after losing it in the following ways:

  • Deleted accidentally.

In the world of the Mac data recovery, one software, iBoysoft Data Recovery, has made its name all around the world.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Data loss is one of the big problems for people who have ZERO knowledge of technology. But not anymore; today, we present you with software that even an amateur can use effectively.

iBoysoft Data Recovery is one of the top recommended Mac data recovery software, recommended by MakeUseOf.Com. The company was founded in 2017. Since then, it has been one of the influential data recovery software in the market.


Despite having a limited number of years under the experience belt, it has gained recognition by the thousands of its paying customers.

1. Deleted File Recovery

While deleting redundant data, deleting important data accidentally is a common occurrence. However, if you have iBoysoft Data Recovery, you can retrieve the deleted data easily.

2. Unreadable Drive Data Recovery

There are times when your hard drive is not readable. This cut the connection off from the system, making the data inaccessible. With the help of iBoysoft Data Recovery, you can access inaccessible data.

3. External Drive Data Recovery

Most data recovery software allows only internal data recovery facilities. However, with the iBoysoft Data Recovery, you can scan the internal drives and external drives like USB, CDs, and DVDs.

4. Formatted Drive Data Recovery

Easily recover data lost due to formatted drive. When the drives are formatted, the data are not lost; they simply leave the space for new data to store. If you can take immediate action and use iBoysoft Data Recovery, you can recover the formatted data.

User Guide to Recover Data on Mac

As we have already said that iBoysoft Data Recovery is simple to use and can easily be navigated by veterans and newbies. With the help of this software, you can recover any type of lost data in three simple steps.

Here the steps have been enumerated after you have successfully downloaded and installed iBoysoft data recovery software into your system.

Step 1: SELECT

The first step is to select the drive or partition from where the data loss event has occurred.

Step 2: SCAN

The second step is to initiate a scan. With iBoysoft Data Recovery, you get two scan modes: Quick scan and Deep scan. Quick scan recover data that have been lost the very moment, and deep scan recover the data no longer accessible.


After scanning, all the data will be organized and shown to you on the screen. Select the data you want to recover and press Recover.

Note: you must recover data into a different drive and not in the drive from where the data loss event has occurred.

Wrapping It Up

So how well iBoysoft Data Recovery works? Is it worth it? Well, it’s certainly worth it. In fact, we are using this tool to revamp our data recovery strategy. And to date, we are yet to face any problems.

On the contrary, iBoysoft Data Recovery supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition to that, it offers a 1GB free data recovery in the trial version. So, there is no harm in trying it for yourself and see how well it worked out for you.