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A Hot swap Mechanical Keyboard: What Is It?

Most of us who regularly use keyboards know the advantages of having a decent keyboard. The way the mechanical keyboard feels is important to us. What is its sensitivity? When pressed, does the key make a sound? How simple it is to activate a key depends on how hard you push and tap.

Most adjustments are made via keyboard switches. Each button is activated based on this. Unfortunately, most switches are soldered onto keyboards during manufacturing and are thus difficult to replace. Yet, the bundled hot-swappable switches and keyboard stand out as an important exception.

What Are Hot-Swappable Switches?

The hot-swappable keyboards that these switches are intended to operate with. Hence, you may swap out the red switch for another switch by utilizing a short switch puller.

Even while you may be saying to yourself, “Wait, I always push the keys on my keyboard,” this is only a cover. Reinstall the top cover; you may take it off to clean it. However, most keys can only sometimes be removed unless you want to blend them.

Yet, replaceable keyboards enable you to swap out your keys whenever necessary without disassembling the keyboard. Instead, choose the key you desire separately (this makes it “hot”).

Why Hot-Swap Function Is Essential For All Keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards’ hot-swappable features offer a terrific method to adapt your keyboard to your needs. Instead of buying a new keyboard, this function lets you swap out switches for various input settings. easily

One need merely drags a key to do this. This greatly facilitates the process of personalizing your keyboard.

In order to switch out the keys on mechanical keyboards that are not hot-swappable, you must take apart each component. The wire from the switch should be disconnected after removing the keyboard using a soldering tool. Next, it is necessary to unplug the two pins from each switch. Solder the desired switch once it has been completed. Reconnect the keyboard after that.

The transition to the hot-swappable mechanical keyboard without features was definitely more time-consuming. However, at least 4-5 times as long is anticipated to pass the procedure.

Please understand that I’m not claiming solderable keyboards are horrible; on the contrary, they are incredibly entertaining and adored by all contemporary keyboard users. Soldering is required for the most expensive mechanical keyboards.

Yet you can quickly replace the keyboard. For the typical user, it is still the best alternative. Particular novice users

The hot-swappable socket kit is an innovative method to update the keyboard PCB. Hot-swappable Since the board doesn’t need to be changed entirely, mechanical switches may easily be replaced.

A component resistant to oxidation is also included in this kind of kit. And is able to sustain several modifications.

Hence, it is the most dependable and simple replacement product. Yet, it costs more than certain keyboards that are bigger.

Now that there is a customization function, customizing your key is simpler. Because it can be hot-swapped, switching out switches takes much less time. Also, it might cut down on the price of personalizing the switch. Those that adore customizing their keyboards will find it to be quite helpful.

Do I Need Hot-Swap Switches?

The answer is no. Normal switches (Cherry MX layout) should function without issues with every hot-swappable keyboard.

Your switch should function flawlessly with all hot-swappable keyboards and PCBs if the bottom of it resembles the image below.

There is some misunderstanding caused by the claims made on several websites that hot-swappable keyboards include “hot-swappable switches.”

Even though every keyboard with hot-swappable keyboards may use switches in the Cherry MX design, while not being created expressly for use with hot-swappable technology, it features the same hot-swappable socket pin/plate architecture.

An ordinary keyboard may have these switches soldered on.

Advantages Of Hot-Swap Sockets

Quality-conscious manufacturers and keyboard users like hot-swappable models. The benefits of these keyboards are numerous.

Keyboard lifespan is increased with simple and quick switch repairs. In addition, fans from all around the world will appreciate the keyboard’s customizable features.

Manufacturers may also produce smaller keyboards with unusual switches because of the simplicity of installation. But, again, major automation expenses and downtime are avoided this way.

Yet there are restrictions with the common keyboard. These sockets are problematic and frequently cannot tolerate repeated switch changes because the only fixes are soldering or installing a Hole tie socket.

Yet with a higher-order hot-swap architecture, these issues can be fully avoided.

The Cheapest Keyboards Are Normally Not Hot-Swappable

The lack of profitability is the primary factor contributing to the fall in hot-swap socket use in keyboards sold on the open market. As a result, consumers are less likely to purchase a new keyboard in the long run, which raises manufacturing costs in the near term. In addition, since using hot-swap, connections make repairs more accessible.

These connectors’ increased footprint on the PCB also creates technical difficulties, making it challenging to incorporate LED functionality and global layout into a single design.

Why Should I Try Hot swap Keyboards?

  • Quickly switches your key. Experiences are the heart of life!
  • Replace lost keys without difficulty.
  • Simple replacement of the key, stabilizers, and other mechanical keyboard
  • It is cheap and simple to replace a PCB or pad.


Every keyboard user should try a hot-swap keyboard since they provide the same level of quality and customization as mechanical keyboards. But without the trouble and expense involved with soldering.

Easy to use is the hot-swap keyboard. For keyboard fans and gamers alike, this makes it perfect. Which prioritizes speed and convenience

Moreover, Quick Swap enables it quick and simple to change the keyboard layout, such as by replacing the keycaps to give it a distinctive look. Alternatively, modify the switch type to correspond to the print settings.

The maintenance and repair of hot-swap keyboards are also simpler than that of conventional keyboards.

Using a hot-swap keyboard, you may easily and rapidly change old or worn switches. Alternatively, try out several switch kinds.

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