A Quick Guide to Technical SEO Basics


Technical SEO involves improving a website’s technical aspects to increase its page ranking on search engines like Google. The fundamental functions of technical SEO include boosting the page loading speed, making it easier to crawl, and quickly understood by search engines. Technical SEO is the part of off-page search engine optimisation services in Ireland that handles the task of boosting the technical elements of a site for higher search engine rankings. On the other hand, off-page SEO involves generating the visibility of a website through other avenues. For higher ranking on search engines like Google, it is essential to focus on the website’s structure and make sure that search engines can crawl it efficiently. Technical SEO involves most aspects of SEO,  excluding content optimization and link building. It also adheres to the requirements of search engines for better crawling. 

Search engines, such as major ones like Google, want to provide online users with the most relevant results for their search queries. Thus, search engine robots crawl and gauge websites based on various factors. Safari Digital SEO Oxford tell us that these factors include the experience of users concerning the page speed and how fast loads (obviously the faster the better), title tags, HTTPS status, XML sitemaps, mobile friendly and many more that help search engines understand what the pages are all about and what sort of experience they give the user. Structured data accomplishes this and others. When the technical aspects of the website are improved, it also enhances the crawlability of search engines and provides them a clear understanding of the site. By doing this correctly with technical SEO experts, a website is more likely to rank higher and be more profitable. However, it is not enough to concentrate on the website’s technical elements, solely for the benefit of search engines. They must be fast, understandable, and simple to navigate for users first. As luck would have it, a solid technical foundation frequently offers both search engines and users a much better experience.

Below are the basic technical SEO elements.

Fast loading pages

One of the vital elements in online marketing is page loading speed. Loading speed affects the amount of time visitors spend on the page, how many conversions occur, ranking on search engines, and the company’s investment in paid searches. However, numerous websites perform poorly when it comes to loading speed. With so many things to tackle, digital marketers are often caught up in other aspects and fail to deal with page speed optimization. The reason behind this may be that its importance is not clearly understood by many. In this day and age, fast loading pages is crucial for attracting visitors to making conversions, and achieving an excellent ranking from search engines. Users expect quick results right after clicking on a site and lose interest when a page loads longer than 2-3 seconds, which results in more bounce rates. Visitors get frustrated and they will not be patient enough to wait, with other websites out there that are optimized for speed. Google and other search engines aim to enhance the user experience, and slow-loading pages do not achieve that. Thus, they prefer sites that load fast and rank them much higher than those that are slow. Page experience that refers to fast loading speed is critical for ranking in search engines.

Mobile optimization

Mobile optimization is another vital element of technical SEO. With more and more people dependent on mobile devices for everything they need, a website that is not mobile-friendly is on the losing end. To optimize a website for mobile devices, the page is shrunk so that it is displayed on mobile devices clearly, making it visible to viewers, no matter where they are. More than half of web users use their mobile phones and trust websites that offer them the convenience of being present on these devices. The images, videos, and texts of the site must be clear, just as it would on a regular computer or laptop, except smaller. Many websites and technical SEO experts understand the importance of being mobile-friendly, as search engines do too. To keep pace with the competition, a company must ensure that it optimizes its website for mobile use. It is in their best interest if their objective is to drive more traffic to their site and be recognized as worthy by search engines.

Least amount of dead links

While slow websites are a cause of frustration for users, landing pages that are not there is even more irritating. Links that direct the user to a page that doesn’t exist on the website leads to an error page. Like users, error pages are not favored by Google or any other search engine. The problem is that search engines find more of these links since they follow any link they encounter, even the hidden ones. A web design company should utilize tools that can remove dead links and resolve page errors. For dead links to be prevented, the site’s URL must be redirected when it is moved or deleted, such as to a new page that replaced the old one.

Secure website

When a website is technically optimized, it is secure. A website must be secure for users so that their privacy is guaranteed. It is also a requirement today that websites are secure. Implementing HTTPS is crucial to maintain the security of a website. It ensures that nobody can come in between and intercept any information that is sent between the user and the website. People who log into the site do not need to worry about the safety of their credentials.  To implement HTTPS, an SSL certificate must be acquired. Google and other search engines know how important security is and considers HTTPS as a vital ranking factor.

Technical SEO is essential because it allows Google and other search engines to recognize the website’s value, prompting them to rank it higher on search results. Search engines are focused on providing the best results for users based on the keywords they use. Through technical SEO a website can meet search engine requirements. While it may not be everything that a website needs to succeed, technical SEO simplifies everything. Hiring technical SEO experts to handle a website’s technical SEO is beneficial in its success, whether in search engine rankings or increasing sales.