NewsAdvantages of ELOIT School Management Software for Schools

Advantages of ELOIT School Management Software for Schools

Every field has been incorporating technology in some or another way and the educational sector is not an exception. Through school management software, several institutes have been able to make their management and operations much easier.

In the market of one of the best school management software available for institutes all over the world is the Edisapp, ELIOT School management software. In this article, we will be discussing what the software is and what are the advantages it offers:

What is ELOIT School Management software?

The ELOIT School Management Software, Edisapp, has been created for empowering the institutes with solutions and technologies that benefit educators as well as students. It is adaptable, easy-to-use, and can help digitally transform every aspect of the institute.

This is an affordable way of creating an intellectually integrated, fully online, connected, and mobile responsible environment in the school. Also, this is a fully secure software that is ISO 27001:2013 certified which is an internationally recognized standard for managing security risks to the information.

Advantages of Edisapp

1. Always stay connected

Through Edisapp, the institute can adapt itself to fit the newly digitized world post-COVID-19. This way, all the stakeholders will have highly secure access to the digital infrastructure of the school enabling in-class as well as online learning and teaching.

All the students, parents, and teachers will have access to learning resources, exam reports, and grades and they will be able to communicate, attend exams, and pay fees online. With the cloud-based digital infrastructure, the school staff will be able to run and manage the school from the comfort and safety of their homes.

2. Solve the school’s digital transformation needs

With Edisapp, the institute will be able to do more and fuel its digital transformation. All the services and data of the school will be easily integrated by using intelligent automation technologies.

The ELOIT school management software also provides customized mobile apps for principals, teachers, and parents that will help serve students better.

3. Take complete control

Whether it is managing core school functions, initiating communications, checking the financial analytics processes, and viewing staff and student data, everything can be done on the school ERP platform. All the apps are in sync enabling real-time data feed.

4. Get better visibility

ELOIT offers a school-branded parent mobile app for Android as well as iOS users. Parents will be able to download these apps easily and gain real-time access to their child’s information including assignments, attendance, grades, exams, homework, online fee payment option, fee information, etc.

5. Get help from the support team

ELOIT offers a proactive and friendly support team that is highly trained in the technical aspects of the Edisapp school management software. They are available 24×7 ready to help the school staff, teachers, and students with professional support. The available mode of communication includes calling, emailing, texting, or WhatsApp.

6. Customize the software

Edisapp is the only school management software in the world that offers customization options for its portals, apps, and modules for free. The software can adjust to the institute’s operating procedure and make the digital transformation easier.

ELOIT understands that every school has different requirements and ensures that their highly customizable school management software, Edisapp is able to fit those requirements.

This is the best school management software available in the market that is a highly flexible, user-friendly, customizable, and comprehensive software that makes the job of everyone involved easier.

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