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Advice to Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy

Your pet is the best when he is energetic, fast, and enthusiastic. He has the correct amount of stamina to beat you in a chase; he can play with you the whole day and then can entertain you whenever you come home.

But, none of this happens when he is sad or not well. In such a state, neither you nor your pet will be able to enjoy each other’s companionship. Why would you risk that for any illness that may dampen the enjoyment and cause any discomfort to your pet So it makes zero sense to neglect your pet’s health and happiness. But if you don’t know what to do, we are here to give you the advice. In this article, we will provide you with the best advice to keep your pet in the best of health and happiness.

The right amount of exercise

You do not need to make your pet do push-ups or lifting. However, you do need to take him for regular walks, minimum 1 Hour every day. It’s alright if you travel familiar routes on those walks, however, providing variation is very good. Take them on a walk around the neighborhood or take them to a nearby park etc. All of these are recommended if they are at possible walking distances. You should also schedule daily play sessions with your dog, either with toys or yourself maybe with a ball or any other toy your pet likes.

These make for great emotional bonding time and also physical activity.


Grooming helps not only ensure you eliminate hygiene-based problems but also it feels good for the pet.

Regular trimming of nails, brushing hair, and bathing your pet are all necessary.

Take good care of his/her food and Water

Food and water are necessary for almost all animals. Just like you, they need a balanced diet plan. Make sure that the food you feed him is in the right quantity according to his body weight and proper consultation from your vet will be helpful in setting up the diet plan to avoid any deficiencies. Also, ask your veterinarian if there are changes to be made in his diet as the pets need different nutritional plans for different stages of life. Along with this, keep track of his water. Keep a check on the urine color for any early signs,

If you see anything odd observe a change try and see if the water intake has been less however if that doesn’t seem to be the reason, please contact the vet.

Proper Socialisation

Nobody likes to live alone. Everyone desires company, dogs are the same. You need to make sure that your pet is meeting with other pets and new people often as that helps your dog feel loved and joyous too. Take him to local animal shelters or animal parks where he can meet other pets or pet owners, however before that please ensure he is fully vaccinated and also the other pets are safe and vaccinated. The more you let them interact with other animals the more they will be happy and energetic.

Always, keep a check on your pet’s behavior 

Has your pet been eating more than usual or less? Has he been acting more aggressive? Has he been more lethargic and inactive? Always keep an eye on your pet’s behavior to make sure he is acting in a regular manner otherwise it may be time to do a veterinary consultation online if you can’t visit the vet immediately.

Regular visits to the vet 

You should take your pet to the veterinarian every few weeks if it is possible or at least per month/ do check with your vet how often are check-ups needed as that may vary from case to case is given medical history. Veterinary doctors are specialists who understand the work and have devoted years to this study of animals. It is also recommended to do dental check-ups and health screening to make sure your pet is well and fine.

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