Agata Everest & The Everest Foundation’s Considerable Impact 

The Everest Foundation is a global non-profit organization deeply invested in numerous initiatives in the field of medical research, U.S. Graduate Medical Education (GME), residency training, and community-based healthcare. 

The organization aims to take a holistic approach toward improving the healthcare and medical sector in the U.S. and globally. 

Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest 

Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest, an eminent and highly respected doctor and educator was also hailed as a visionary in the U.S. medical field during his lifetime. 

As part of his profession as a prolific physician, Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest was always quick to predict the trends in the medical field and possessed clear and lucid insights into the several pain points in the medical industry which hindered the advancement of medical research and compromised the quality of healthcare in the country. 

His lifelong goal was to provide practical solutions to problems such as severe physician shortages, residency bottlenecks, and lack of quality research opportunities. 

Problems continue to plague the country by and large (which became all too evident during the tough times of the recent pandemic). 

The Everest Foundation

The Everest Foundation was created to continue the legacy of Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest and contribute to improving the medical and healthcare sector that the late Dr. A.D. Everest had envisioned. 

Agata Everest, Dr. Michael Everest, and the foundation are involved in a diverse range of activities related to the medical field. 

The Everest Foundation’s Contribution to the Medical Field

Although the foundation’s works embrace a variety of initiatives in the medical sector, its chief contribution lies in the field of GME. Over the past decade, the foundation has committed millions of dollars to aid research initiatives and to create increasing research opportunities at several top medical schools and teaching hospitals in the country. 

This addresses the residency opportunity shortfall that even the most prestigious medical schools in the U.S. suffer when creating top-notch research ecosystems within their respective institutions.

According to Agata Everest, President and CEO of The Everest Foundation, the organization primarily focuses on medical research for two reasons. 

Firstly, it believes that with the continuing advancement of technology, it is a must that medical practitioners have access to cutting-edge medical research. This belief stems from Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest’s firm conviction that medical research and innovation are the roots of affordable healthcare and a better public health policy. 

Accordingly, the foundation continually supports numerous research projects and initiatives (for both medical schools and grassroots community healthcare centers) through funding, grants, gifts, and scholarships. The foundation’s funding also supports medical journal publications and submissions by scholars. 

Secondly, the organization’s heavy involvement in the research field is geared towards coming up with practical and long-term solutions to the residency bottleneck – an issue that has plagued the country’s medical sector for quite some time now. 

Dr. Michael Everest explains that the severe lack of research opportunities is one of the main reasons behind the issue. 

Although medical graduates come out well-trained from medical schools, most still have difficulty finding a good residency, let alone a place at the residency of their choice. 

This is chiefly because they had had little to no hands-on research experience during their PG training, and as can be expected, this reflects poorly on their CVs. 

Agata Everest remarks that the foundation is trying its best to rectify the situation through its research funding initiatives and the work done by its sister organization, Residents Medical Group. 

The latter works with fresh medical graduates and tries to match them with appropriate residency programs, given the former’s degree of skills and future goals. 

A rigorous evaluation process and extensive training are part of this residency matching initiative to facilitate a well-rounded development for future country physicians. 

The Everest Foundation Scholars Program

Another key initiative of the foundation is its scholar program. Eligible candidates for the program are selected through a rigorous evaluation process. 

In addition to their knowledge and skills, candidates are also evaluated by their visions and aspirations regarding the future of medicine and how they plan to contribute to it. 

In past years, many of The Everest Foundation scholars have been responsible for  paradigm-shifting research in the medical field. Many of them have conducted their research at Ivy League med schools and won many prestigious awards. 

Serving Underserved and Vulnerable Communities and Population

As mentioned, the Everest Foundation contributes heavily towards grassroots medical research, often conducted at community healthcare institutions located among underserved rural and urban demographics; many chronically suffer from a severe lack of funds. 

All of the foundation’s scholars, who come from many different countries, must go on and serve rural and vulnerable communities (both in the US and elsewhere) once they complete their research and residency tenures. 

This requirement is in place since the foundation wants to encourage the scholars to give back to the communities and to share the same values and aspirations as those of the foundation. 

As a venture philanthropy organization, The Everest Foundation’s reach extends far beyond the U.S. Mrs. Agata Everest comments that the organization’s motto is to be ‘Part of the Cure.’ Accordingly, the foundation regards it as its duty to address the medical needs of the poor and vulnerable populations from across the globe. 

Besides funding cutting-edge research in 3D printing, veteran affairs, organ transplant, and spinal cord injury, the foundation also partners with academic hospitals from many poorer countries in Asia and Africa and strives to impact schools of medicine worldwide. 

As technology and innovation increasingly become the cornerstones of medical research, The Everest Foundation tries to make all the new and emerging technologies accessible to top teaching hospitals, medical schools, and health institutions worldwide.