NewsAll the different animals you can hunt in New Zealand!

All the different animals you can hunt in New Zealand!

When you visit New Zealand, you can choose among the many forest animal species fit for hunting purposes. Across the vast expanse of grasslands, you will be able to track many animal species and chase them.

Moreover, you can also pursue birds like turkeys and ducks. But, due to lack of management, such animals are large and quite old. So, in this article, let’s check out more about New Zealand hunting animals.


If you are roaming around the southern region of New Zealand, then you must not miss hunting the Chamois. Compared to the Tahr, such animals are small and quite agile. So, when you commence hunting, it can be very challenging to aim at the animal. Most of the time, you should head for hunting only in May.

During this month, you will observe the bucks running to the nannies. In addition, these animals stay away from the rest of the animals in the region. Hence, you will easily find such animals when you roam across the steeper areas of the country.

Red Stag

Red Stag hunting is also one of the everyday activities in New Zealand. While the best time for hunting is between mid-February and August, hunters can see such animals in the northern and southern regions. But, once you start wandering across the land, you will have to wait for the red stags to appear on the ground.

In that case, it’s tough to hunt an animal when it weighs around 500 pounds. On the other hand, you must be able to differentiate between a mature and a juvenile stag. Before indulging in outdoor activity, you must know the New Zealand Red stag hunt price.

Himalayan Tahr

You can always go hunting Himalayan Tahr anytime in New Zealand. However, it’s always better to think about hunting such animals anytime between May and August. To determine the animal’s age, you first need to closely observe the number of rings on the horns.

Besides, you also need to check out the tips of the lambs. If you are hunting on government land, you need to go with an outfitter. Nevertheless, you should be reasonably fit before you step out for hunting. It will help if you are also quite confident when trying medium-range shots.

Fallow Deer

Found in the Southern and the Northern Region, fallow deers are also commonly observed in the central region of the South Island. Moreover, such animals are pretty aggressive, and they will cause injury to other animals on the land. But, it’s not that difficult to hunt such animals.

While you can hunt such deers at a free-range, you will have to sit and wait patiently during many instances on the rutting pad. Subsequently, you will not observe the male and female deers together. However, these animals are distinct owing to their heavy palmated antlers.

Alpine Goat

Observed in the North and South Islands, the Alpine goats are pretty large compared to other animals. Surprisingly, you will be able to distinguish such animals due to their enormous horns. As the inhabitants always breed such animals, you can hunt such goats anytime you wish.

On the contrary, many Alpine goats will be on private farming properties instead of government land. Such a situation will arise because people often slaughter such goats on a large scale. Apart from everything else, it will be challenging to observe ‘billies’ or old males while you’re hunting.


When you head for Elk hunting in New Zealand, it’s similar to Red Stag hunting. But, you will have to go to the ballot system if you wish to hunt a free-range or wild herd at the bottom region of the South Island, and you will further have to go for hunting on privately owned estates.

With this in mind, you will see many kinds of elks due to the antler formation. So, when you are seeking an incredible experience in New Zealand, you must not miss the New Zealand Elk hunt.

Bottom Line

New Zealand is a great place to hunt wild animals. You can find multiple kinds of animals in the forests, and your guide can help you pursue them. It is a fun experience, but before you commence hunting, you must ensure to carry essential things. If you use a gun for hunting, you need a valid firearms license.

Remember that you will need a guide to accompany you only when you’re hunting for the first time. To learn more about the best hunting places, you can gather information from a local hunting shop. You can also get in touch with the local hunting club and learn more about the opportunities for a particular region.

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