A skip hopper stationary concrete batching plant is concrete mixing equipment that mixes semi-dry or harsh concrete automatically. It is a large piece of equipment though easy to install and it requires less land space from the construction site. It makes the work easier, faster and relatively more efficient especially when a good machine is used.

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A skip hopper machine is classified according to the output and also divided into large, medium, and mini types. A large type is usually 75 m³, 90 m³, 120 m³ and 180 m³ while the medium is 50 m³, 60 m³ and the mini is 25 m³ and 35 m³.

You can get a skip hopper stationary plant of either:

  • AJ-25
  • AJ-35
  • AJ-50
  • AJ-60
  • AJ-75
  • AJ-90
  • AJ-120
  • AJ-180

These are called the AJ –series.


The model of a stationary concrete batching plant is AJ-25 with an input volume of 800 and an installation power of 65kW.


This plant weighs 15 tons and can sustain a mixing period of 72 cycles. However, it has a standard aggregate bin of 3×3.

Other Features:

You can get one with a discharging height of 3.8-4.3 m and can be used for medium or small scale building construction. It has a wide range of lifting and hoists general powder and small granular matters. It requires less land use too and causes less or no land pollution.


  1. A skip hopper stationary concrete batching plant can be used for mixing just like the different type of mixers, for example, the twin shaft mixer and planetary mixer.
  2. It is used for the production of concrete and the prefabrication of concrete.
  3. The AJ series which are all stationary can be used for building high- speed railway, bridges and airports.


A good skip hopper stationary concrete batching plant cost between 50,000 and 100,000 dollars.

How This Machine Works.

A skip hopper stationary concrete batching plant works by an aggregate system that works in loop cycle, hoist, and work in an orbit method to mix concrete. It works in a vehicle manner and produces a large quantity of concrete when operated properly. It is advisable to go through the manual book that comes with it or employ a professional operator who has been trained for its operation.

Advantages of a Skip Hopper Concrete Batching Plant.

  1. A skip hopper machine makes it easier to produce concrete economically.
  2. It can process even the hardest concrete and still produces a quality mix.
  3. It has a good standard, easy to maintain and install, it also requires low input.
  4. A skip hopper can be equally used for big and medium projects.
  5. This machine when purchased also has a long life span, has high stability and easy maintenance as well as low operating cost.

How to Maintain a Skip Hopper Concrete Batching Plant.

A skip hopper concrete batching plant can be maintained by simply keep all its parts in good condition, and following the recommendation for using it. Professional aid is advised in installing it though easy to install.

Skip hopper machine should be kept away from harsh weather conditions and parts should have replaced when worn out.

Having gone through these details of a skip hopper stationary concrete batching plant, you are now fully aware of what the machine does and how it works. You can now proceed to buying and installing one through a professional operator. Good luck!

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