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Animal Crossing New Horizons What Airport Color Means & How To Change It

Why the color of your airports might actually be really important when it comes to certain items that you buy with ACNH bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons. So for those who don’t know or for those that haven’t noticed the color of your Airport on your island is actually randomly generated. As a matter of fact that the color of your Airport is more than just an aesthetic look for your Island. The color of your Airport is actually really important when it comes to determining the color of eight nook miles items that you can buy in the game .

Blue & Green Airports

The blue Airport item colors are if want to have a blue Airport go ahead and try to buy one of these ACNH items including the street lamps, the vending machines, the park clock, the rides, and the monster statue. The difference between the blue and green Airports is the Green Airport has black street lamps, an orange vending machine, a white Park clock, a white teacup ride, and a dark blue or purple monster statue. You see the subtle differences in things like the electric post and then as well as the wind turbine and then there’s actually a big difference in the solar panels where for the blue Airport it’s black and the Green Airport it has a bluish tint.

Orange & Yellow Airports

On the orange and yellow airports that the black and blue solar panels haven’t really changed, same with the wind turbines and the electric post. But the park clocks you have a light gray for orange, a dark grey for yellow. Whites and black vending machines a pending on the style that you want.

If you’re just starting the game or you’re thinking about restarting the game to get a particular color without going to different Islands or your friend’s island with ACNH nook miles ticket. You can reset your game to try and get the color Airport that you want that correlates with the color of the item that you get. Even though that’s the only colors that the airport determines. There are actually different combinations of other things that you can buy with nook miles tickets. Your island could have a different combination of all of these put together. If you reset for the airport that you want, just keep in mind that the combinations of items are still going to be completely random.

How To Reset Your Island?

How you can reset your island at the start of the game in order to get the color you want for your dodo Airlines plane and building. Start through the opening tutorial process where you are talking to Timmy and Tommy, give your appearance, give your name, it asks you for your birthday as well. So you’ll have to put all that in. Once we get to the new island which is where you’ll first be able to see as you fly over the island what your native fruit is. If the dodo Airlines building colors or native fruits are not exactly what we’re looking for, you will be resetting. The really nice thing about this process is you can actually just close out of the game, because the game has actually not already been saved, so by closing out you’ve basically erased that island. Then you are able to start again.

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