AllAre Business Brokers Licensed? How to Choose a Right One

Are Business Brokers Licensed? How to Choose a Right One

Business brokers are professionals who help in facilitating the sale or purchase of businesses. Typically, business brokers can undertake several tasks to assist their clients to achieve their purchase and offloading goals. Furthermore, they can be part of companies that belong to particular industries, or possess certain, unique characteristics. 

However, there’s one question among people looking to start a business broker or those looking to hire a business broker—are business brokers licensed? Well, the answer to this question is yes and no. But, the first thing to note is that there isn’t a specific business broker license. 

However, some states in the United States require business brokers to have a real estate license for them to facilitate the purchase or sale of businesses. Therefore, it’s important to check with the relevant authorities in your state to confirm whether a business broker license is a must. 

How to choose the right business broker

Choosing the right broker is vital to ensure that the process of selling your business goes smoothly and that you get the best deal out of the transaction. Besides, since a business broker handles every aspect of the transaction process, they give you the time to run your business, as well as do other things. 

A professional business broker can do everything, from screening prospective buyers or sellers, as well as handling any challenge that might arise in the process of selling or buying the business. With a good team in place, including a qualified business broker, accountant, and attorney, you will not have to worry about anything. 

And, when it comes to hiring a business broker, it’s important to understand that all business brokers are not the same. Therefore, you must take your time to ensure that you choose the right business broker. With that, let’s look at the top tips that will help you find the right business broker. 


Hiring an experienced business broker will ensure that you get the best possible deal out of your purchase or sale. Therefore, you must check for how long the business broker has been in operation. Besides, check the average number of deals that the business broker closes each year. 

Although these things might not seem important, they will help you hire a reputable business broker. One who does quality work, with high moral and ethical standards, and who can represent your interests. Furthermore, going with a business broker who has sold businesses similar to yours before knows the kind of challenges to expect during the process. Besides, they know how to guide a deal into closing. 

Conversely, hiring a business broker who’s new to the business can bring the motivation and energy needed to represent you. However, such business brokers need to have a reputable company backing them in order to be as effective as seasoned business brokers. 


Before hiring a business broker, make sure that the broker is honest, open, and responsive to your queries. Besides, the business broker must be willing to take your time to understand your business, as well as your business goals. 

Moreover, you should ensure that your business broker has good communication skills, which meets your expectations. Please note that selling a business takes some time, and you shouldn’t expect to get any news every week. However, you must ensure that you give the business broker your expectations of how and when to expect communication from them. 

Check for customer testimonials and positive reviews

This is an essential step that you shouldn’t skip when looking for an Orlando Business Broker. You will need to check their online customer reviews on their website, social media platforms, and Google. If possible, check if the broker has any testimonials from their previous clients. 

Reputable business brokers will have such testimonials on their websites and social media accounts. Professional business brokers are customer-oriented, and it’s their goal to deliver the best services. Therefore, if you come across such a business broker, you should be assured that you will get the best possible services. 

Review broker’s credentials and references

As said earlier, most states in the US don’t require a business broker to have a license. However, this doesn’t mean that a business broker shouldn’t get other certifications. Any reputable business broker should have a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) accreditation, which is awarded by the International Business Brokers Association.

Besides, it’s important to check the broker’s area of interest. Some business brokers concentrate on different areas, like real estate. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you choose a business broker who’s experienced in selling businesses similar to yours. Besides, the business broker should have the required experience, as well as contacts to market your business. 

Check the broker’s strategy

Lastly, it’s important to evaluate the plans and strategy the broker will use to market your business. Besides. It’s essential to know how the broker will find and screen prospective buyers. Any professional broker shouldn’t have a challenge in outlining their marketing strategy and budget to you. Furthermore, they should explain to you how they plan to maintain confidentiality during this process. Also, it’s important to review the broker’s screening process. A good screening process should allow the business broker to narrow down the prospective buyers to a few serious prospects. 

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