Are there any side effects of using CBD?

Different CBD products have become popular since consumers are currently looking for alternative treatment options for different conditions, diseases, and ailments.

Cannabis plants usually have different substances referred to as cannabinoids. There are over 100 cannabinoids. The ones that are currently being studied include CBD and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

THC is known to bring about some psychological effects, and you’ll experience specific highs when you consume cannabis. Researchers have discovered that CBD can be used to treat different conditions. The research that is currently supporting the benefits of CBD is limited but many more are coming up . the benefits of this product is what is attracting many researches as it as many effects.

Some drugs have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is illegal to sell CBD in the form of a food additive or a dietary supplement.

You should keep reading if you want to learn about whether CBD has side effects.

Side Effects and Risks Associated with CBD

There are different CBD products in the market; however, Epidiolex is the only one approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The main issue is that there is limited evidence about how the body reacts to CBD.

As Epidiolex was reviewed and then approved, some of the side effects and risks that were found include:

  • Interacting with other forms of medication; this may cause some severe side effects
  • The liver will sustain some injuries
  • The alertness levels are affected
  • There is the risk of drowsiness and sedation as you take alcohol or medication meant to treat stress or anxiety
  • Causing diarrhea
  • Decreasing appetite

Some of the questions that remain unanswered with regard to CBD include:

  • What is the CBD dosage that will trigger certain risks?
  • What happens when you use CBD for a prolonged period?
  • Will CBD affect a developing brain?
  • Will the consumption method affect intake?
  • Will CBD affect fertility in males?
  • Will a breastfeeding baby be affected by CBD?

There are different CBD products in the market, and they’re widely available. They are currently being marketed as dietary supplements, drugs, cosmetics, food, and health products meant for animals. If they are used as drugs there is a certain amount that can be toxic to the body.

Unlike drugs approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), unapproved drugs have not been evaluated to determine whether they’re effective when treating specific conditions. The FDA has not assessed any of these drugs to determine whether they also have side effects. It is also impossible to determine the preferred dosage when it comes to drugs that are not FDA-approved.

There are false claims that cause people to avoid taking conventional medicine. People who believe in these false claims also fail to seek medical attention from a medical professional. A person will always discuss the best way to treat a disease or a condition with the help of a doctor.

Some people also raise questions regarding the quality of certain CBD products. Some of the products that are yet to be approved by the FDA don’t contain the CBD levels that manufacturers have indicated. Some manufacturers also use contaminants that are not safe.

The healthcare professionals and doctors recommend that you should only use products that are tested to determine whether there are contaminants and potency levels. Since CBD is relatively new, different products will not be as indicated. Also, some of these products will not have undergone quality control assessments.

Some CBD products usually have certificates of Authenticity. Ensure that you avoid sites that don’t have the authenticity certificate.

Final Thoughts

The CBD-infused drug that the FDA has approved is used to treat epilepsy. You should know that there are no other drugs that the FDA has approved. Currently, it is not legal to market CBD products that are not approved.