Asian Sports With Western Cultural Fans

Sports in Asia are, albeit rare, yet celebrated with just as much enthusiasm. Because of the diversity here in Asia, many regions have various types of sports they enjoy. And while they may not be recognized worldwide or be a part of big tournaments and 먹튀검증, these games are still enjoyed by the locals and countries.


One of the sports that are famous in Asia is Baseball. Baseball is huge in Japan. The highest level of baseball is referred to as Nippon Professional Baseball or NPB in short in Japan. Baseball is also widely known in America, where it was said to be originated back in the 17th century. Today, baseball is the most participated sport in Japan and other countries like South Korea, Canada, and even Europe. Names like Ichiro Suzuki, Shohei Ohtani are ubiquitous among local baseball fans and their conversations. Ichiro Suzuki was the first Japanese nonpitcher to get a spot in the MLB, the biggest league for baseball in the US. Ichiro paved the way for many Japanese players to take the chance to fly over to the US and play for foreign teams. It is safe to say the nation was over the moon when they finally beat the US in the 2020 Olympics and acquired their first-ever gold medal in baseball. Japan only had silver and bronze before the instance.

Table Tennis

Other than baseball, another sport that is huge in Asia is table tennis. Table tennis is widely recognized in China. Countries with the most titles for the sport are, without question, China, followed up by South Korea and Japan. China holds 32 gold medals in table tennis, needless to say, how popular it is and how China excels in table tennis.  The sport was initially called ping-pong when it was originated in England in the 19th century.


It may be assumed that sports like basketball would only be popular in the US. Although the USA holds a large audience and a more lavish set of players and teams, it is noticeable how popular it is in Asia, particularly in the Philippines. And the Philippines not only play but are also great spectators of the game as the National Basketball Association (also known as NBA) is very popular among the locals. It is the only Asian country to ever achieve a bronze medal in the Rio World Cup.


Another sport which is undoubtedly one of the most famous sports in Asia is badminton. Badminton is popular in China and Indonesia. One of the reasons why badminton is so popular is because of its inexpensive aspect. You do not need much to enjoy a game of badminton. There are singles matches, doubles, mixed doubles, etc., for everyone to enjoy the sport. Most Asian nations rise to power in the Olympics with badminton like China, India, Indonesia, etc. The BWF ranking is the official badminton rankings of payers, and the list is filled with renowned players from Asia like Kento Momota, the Japanese player who currently holds the number 1 rank for the men’s singles, and Tai Tzu-Ying, the Chinese-Taipei player who is currently 1st in the women’s singles. Of course, there are other nations like Denmark and Spain on the list of world-class players in badminton; it is still evident how Asian-dominated the sport is.

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