NewsAstrology: What does it mean?

Astrology: What does it mean?

Talking about astrology is often a considerable gamble. In everyday life it is generally identified with a simple and banal reading of the future, a quick reading of the daily horoscope in the final pages of the newspapers to start the day with a little good humor. You can contact the Scientific Astrologers in USA and ask about these common things.

A cultural heritage that has been handed down over the centuries and which, on the other hand, can give an extraordinary hand in the analysis of human phenomena, is trivialized.

Often when we talk about ancient healing traditions we refer to the oriental tradition, from traditional Chinese medicine, to Indian philosophy proposed by the Honest Astrologer in Mumbai; those who are passionate about it try to transport its precepts to the West, but this operation is particularly difficult to extend on a large scale precisely because the meanings, the terminologies, sometimes even just the single words appear far from Western sensibility and therefore difficult to understand.

However, we do not know that even in the West there is a centuries-old tradition of approaching man and nature that is different from the much more well-known mechanistic philosophy that dominates today; a tradition handed down in the course of history that has a dignity equal to that of the oriental tradition in opposing today’s reductionist monopoly. It is a huge culture much more similar to us in terms of language and ideas that is opposed to current science and that rejects the idea of ​​man reduced to the single sum of organs separated from each other.

Astrology, cabala, alchemy, magic represent a wealth of knowledge with solid cultural and empirical roots which, in the light of the new discoveries of modern science, also finds dignity as a matter of serious investigation.

Historical tradition and archetypal values ​​in Astrology

From a strictly empirical point of view, which springs from a secular experience, astrological symbols are the external representation of man’s most intimate interior reality, the symbolic expression of his psychological aspects; they move through synchronic and analogical dynamics ending up representing a sort of photograph of the individual’s deep psyche.

The planets that determine our natal chart vibrate on frequencies that are correlated with the vibration frequency of our consciousness at the moment of birth; they are the explication of our inner implicit order.

Astrology expresses with a symbolic language the connection between the space-time structure of larger complexes (the universe) and the development of the space-time structure of smaller complexes (man). The astrological symbols are like the metaphor of our deep individual life, where their archetypal aspects reflect the daily existence of the individual and his becoming in a wonderful non-local and synchronous ballet.

An astrological dissonance therefore reflects an internal psychophysical dissonance of the individual, the profound nature of the symptoms that appeared can be understood through their link with astrological symbolism. The considerations we make on the meaning of the zodiac signs have nothing to do with astronomical mathematics and the calculations related to it.

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