Banner Stand – Modern Font Ideas To Apply For Better Advertising

You have seen so many businesses, small and big; use banner stands these days. The main goal is to address the advertising routine and nothing else. Remember that with proper banner stands, you can attract maximum crowd towards your business. So, this step, in return, will ensure your higher profitable grounds. So, for better advertising, banner stand plays a pivotal role. It is vital that you get in touch with the right fonts to match your artwork on banners. Each font has its specific meaning, and the usage will vary based on the industrial sector you are in!

So, without wasting any time further, it is mandatory to learn more about the top typefaces designed for advertising solely.


One of the most common typefaces around the world, this particular font was created in 1957 by Eduard Hoffmann and Max Miedinger. This font became the most promising option during the 60s and 70s.

  • This font is comprised of multiple variants and is noted to be versatile around the world. 
  • The main goal of this font is to create easy-to-read and clear text, and that’s why this font is commonly used in the company’s logos and on banner stands.
  • You can see the most use of this font in the titles, which makes it great for multiple occasions.


Whenever you are talking about Serif font for the banner stands, you are referring to that small line tailing from the edge of every one of the letters in a word. Some of the fonts, like the Times New Roman, will have shorter projections at the top and bottom. These short projections are termed Serifs.

  • The main goal of this kind of font is to denote formality.
  • The perceptions are mainly associated with expensive, delicate, old, and warm.
  • You can widely see the use of this font in format marketing applications like in formal banners.


One form of serif typeface is Bodoni, which was crafted in the year 1798 by Giambattista Bodoni. This particular creation has culminated around 300 years of the Roman typography evolution and emerged with the great contrasts between thick and thin lines. 

  • There will be an overall geometric shape here.
  • Moreover, this form of typeface is widely used in the press.


If you are looking for a handwritten or cursive font that is great for banner advertising, then Script is the one to watch out for. This kind of font will produce that elegant feel and is noted to be quite proper for decorations and headlines.

  • This kind of font is mainly associated with perceptions like expensive, beautiful, feminine, soft, relaxed, delicate, happy, quiet, and warm. 
  • Some of the beautiful Script fonts are Wishes Script, PF Champion Script Pro, and Medusa.

Always the right choice:

Selecting the best font is always the main goal to consider while aiming for advertising and marketing. Selecting the right font will ensure that you have greater attention towards your banners and gain more customers as a result.