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Basics About Reading A Birth Chart


Insatiable, you’ve decided to investigate what everyone has been talking about: the mysterious birth chart of an individual’s star sign.

Often referred to as a natal chart, this can be an eye-opening experience when viewed online. Astrology isn’t a fad, despite what some people believe; it has been around for thousands of years and has significantly impacted all influential civilizations. Astrology is not a joke. Quite the opposite.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that looking up your birth chart will cost you a dime. It can be done for free online by finding a website and entering your date, time, and birth location. The year and month of your birth can tell you a lot about your personality and the path your life is taking, even if you don’t know precisely when you were born.

It’s also worth noting that an astrologer can help you interpret your birth chart if you’re unsure of where to begin or if you’ve been studying your chart for years and want a deeper understanding. Working with a professional may be an excellent option if you want to get the most out of astrology. The complexity of a natal chart is already making you nervous. Relax and read your horoscopes while you’re at it.

What’s the purpose of a Birth Chart?

First and foremost, your birth chart is a map of the planets’ positions at the time of your birth. Yes, natal charts exist for countries, pets, businesses, and marriages. The most common one is a person’s birth chart, so we’ll focus on that one for simplicity’s sake.

An individual’s personality and critical life events can be predicted using a birth chart based on the place of the planets and luminaries at the time of their birth. To summarise, a birth chart is helpful because it shows us where we are now and in which direction we hope to take things in the future. Whether we like it or not, we have the power to choose our destiny. While many people consider astrology a form of predestination, I prefer to think of it as a way to shape our fate through our daily interactions with the world.

What planets does a birth chart have?

Many distinct symbols can be found all across the chart. At least ten are expected. For your convenience, below is a list of the meanings of each planet. Imagine each planet as a facet of your personality and the zodiac sign it resides in as the color or “costume” it adorns. That’s what gives you a deeper understanding of your personality.

For example, Taurus is a sign of closeness, whereas Gemini signifies communication and connection. When discussing your personality, people often allude to your chart’s dominant zodiac signs, modalities, and components.

When looking at a birth chart, what should you focus on first?

It is not uncommon to see a circle with a description appear when you enter your birth date into a program. Birth charts can be retrieved in seconds thanks to advanced computer software. This pie-shaped circle will be divided into 12 equal pieces, with various symbols strewn about the surface.

If you’re just getting started, though, it’s a good idea to find your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant first (or Rising Sign). Those are critical because they shape your personality and how you interact with the world on a day-to-day basis.

My personality and identity are linked to my Sun sign. Your zodiac sign is determined by the Sun’s movement when you were born.

As a sign of the Moon, your emotional and spiritual well-being can be determined. If the Moon were in your movement when you were born, you would see this.

When you were born, the Sun was beginning to rise over the Eastern horizon, signalling the beginning of the day. If you don’t know your Sun and Moon signs and don’t provide your date of birth, nothing will work.

What types of astrology are there in a person’s birth chart?

There are many different types, and every astrologer puts their unique spin on an interpretation based on their previous research and experiences. When it comes to the most common astrology (that makes use of this system of understanding), the world tends to follow Tropical (Western) or Sidereal astrology, which are both based on the Zodiac (also called Vedic astrology).


Your solar sign, or horoscope, is something you’re probably familiar with. That’s the zodiac sign you’re most likely to associate with. You were born with a lot more than just a solar sign in your horoscope. Your birth chart, also known as your natal chart, can be thought of as a snapshot of the universe at the time of your conception. Each planet’s position in your natal chart must be considered if you want to receive a complete picture of your personality.

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