Bedroom Accessorising: Where Small Touches Can Make All The Difference

Accessorising a bedroom can be so much more than a stack of cushions on the bed. Not that this go-to form of comfort is necessarily a fashion faux-pas. However, with a little creativity, there are so many ways that you can add your own personal touch to your room.

In this article we will look at some unique additions that complement bedrooms as well as some ideas on where to find one-of-a-kind items.

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3 pieces that can influence your design

To begin, a couple items that can add a timeless feel in a room of rest are:

  • Whether big or small, round or oval, you can be sure to find a pouf that will fit your bedroom. Ferm living small pouf is a great piece that can compliment any space.
  • Whether you prefer chandeliers or a simple rice paper shade, the variety and types of lampshades are endless which basically guarantees that you will find one you love.
  • Window coverings. Whether it’s blinds or curtains, you have a multitude of choices continuing. Think colours, materials, and lengths that compliment your room layout.


Looking in second-hand shops can be a blast. You can go all out and make it an all-day affair, solo or with friends, or just pop in the consignment shop next door to see if there are any recent items up that catch your eye.

This being said, quirky and unique fashion doesn’t exclusively sit with second-hand, consignment, or the ever-growing vintage trend. There are items in large-scale commercial chains that can offer trendy and eye-pleasing items as well.

And while supporting your neighbourhood shops is a great way to support local businesses, you may find that throwing a little bit of both rare and commercial finds may offer the most pleasing outcome. Both for aesthetics and your bank account.