Beef lightning megaways slot game

When you look at the world map you will see how vast australia is. An island/continent is the sixth-largest country by land area. Although it has less than half the population of france. According to the australian government, more than half of their enormous land use is spent on agriculture. So it’s understandable that the concept of farm-themed slots may have come naturally to aussie studio big time gaming. The result was beef lightning, a สล็อตออนไลน์ slot that marries megaways with nice and useful farm games. There are bonus coins, wild expansions, and aggressive bull auctions during free spins.

For the townspeople thinking about where the meat in your burger came from? It can be a bit traumatic, so btg overlooks the harsh realities of farm life. But this farm turned out to be a fun place to hang out. Part of the positive comes from the sunlight streaming down the daisy-covered hills. It is home to a large traditional red barn and an old-school windmill. Another part comes from the upbeat soundtrack, which sounds like a faster, simpler version found in btg’s donuts. This is a place where cattle roam freely on the hillsides in a way that zen cows have, and there’s no word. Complete slaughterhouse

Megaways lightning meat slots

Sieve the bulls in front of a 6 reel megaways powered grid, dropping 2 to 7 symbols on each reel. The numbers will change randomly. To make sure no two spins are the same, 117,649 ways to win at full expansion are generated. Corn farming operations can be done on any device from mobile to desktop. This allows players to set bets from 20 p/c to £/10 per spin. The maximum bet is slightly lower than usual from btg, although the chances of winning on each spin are huge. So there may be some exposure limitations going on there. As expected, the beef lightning megaways is a trip to the countryside with high volatility. While generating a solid theoretical return value of 96.43%.

Victory will light up the reels when three matching symbols from left to right from the first reel appear. Except for the bull symbol which will pay for two or more from top to bottom in the payout table, after the bull is a normal group of bulls. A cowbell engraved with the btg horseshoe logo, then six shiny a-9 dynasty cards, and six bull symbols worth 20 times the stake. While the remaining three high-value symbols trigger a payout of 1-2.5 times the stake. The wild brand symbol appears on reels 2 through 6 replacing all tiles. Except for scatters or bonuses, randomly when they land. Wide repeating properties may occur. By turning all symbols on the reels into wilds.

Slot features

Other features found in beef lightning megaways include reactions, free spins, bull auctions, and bonus coins. Every winning combination will ignite the reaction feature. This will remove the winning symbol from the grid. So new or existing symbols will crash into the blanks. The reaction will run until no new winning combo appears.

Just 3 moo spells are required to get 12 free spins. Additional scatters in view add +4 additional free spins each. Free spins turn beef lightning into auction where the player starts with 1 cow and there is no bid.

During free spins, bonus coins may slip. It reveals a rising bull or hammer symbol. Which is the number of cow auctions at the end of the round the number of cows you end up with is multiplied by the final bid. And there will be an award

Bonus coins can also reveal gold, silver, or bronze trophies. Trophies and medals are collected separately from the meter and the jackpot is paid if you can scoop enough. In the end, if you collect 3 bronze, 4 silver, or 5 gold trophies, you will be awarded 500, 2500, or 25,000 times your stake respectively. Finally, bonus coins may reveal a recursion. This will add an additional 10 free spins to the remaining amount.

Megaways lightning meat slots

Slot verdict

It felt like big time gaming enjoyed a little bit of this. And it must be the first time that a bull auction has ever appeared in an online สล็อต slot. It might take some time to see that part of the game as beef lightning megaways is not an accidental free spins slot. Of course, it took us a while for moo to scatter to the ground and move beef lightning to the warehouse.

When in free spins various collection systems will help deliver a higher pulse rate we can’t collect enough badges or trophies to win one of the three trophies. But the bull qualification and bidding gave the consolation prize pretty good enough before heading back to the main game. Hopefully, you will fall in love with the farmstead atmosphere of the main game as you will probably spend a lot of time there. Beef lightning megaways is a slot game that will surely give you the edge.

There aren’t many farm games, so beef lightning megaways is fresh. It’s also one of them, if not the most profitable. Agricultural slot tables that you will find just like winning trophies or big coins during free spins. It is possible to win up to 56,000 times your bet in a single spin. This proves once again that there is money to be made on the farm. Beef lightning megaways may not be one of btg’s global hitters, but like a gourmet burger, you have to eat with a knife and fork. It’s easy to be crushed. And the music may seem dull for a moment but rewards are also available among cow-themed events.