Benefits Of Studying Class 9 English From The NCERT Books

If you have entered class 9 recently, then you may find English a difficult subject to learn and understand due to its unpredictability in spelling formation and learning grammar. The rules of understanding grammar are difficult to master, even for a native English speaker. Whatever may the reason be, the fact is that this language is widely used all over the world means that Indian students will have to learn this language to sustain themselves, especially in today’s world. Hence, students must focus on learning English from junior classes so they can master it through continuous practice. This subject can easily be understood if you refer to the NCERT prescribed textbooks. Now, let us know some reasons to refer to the English NCERT textbooks for studying this language. 

  • Delivers Detailed Information About The Complex Chapters

The English NCERT textbook delivers detailed information and knowledge about tough chapters in a trouble-free manner. This book is formulated in such a way that tends to polish and clarify the concepts and doubts of the students. They give a deep understanding of complex topics. 

  • Most Of The Questions Are Directly Taken From The NCERT Book 

Many class 9 students believe that only reading the NCERT book is not enough for preparing for the English exam. This thinking is completely wrong. The students should know that most of the questions are directly picked from the NCERT textbook to make the English subject’s question paper. So, if you are a class 9 student, then you should keep your focus on reading the NCERT textbook first and then refer to the other guidebooks if you feel the need. 

  • Prepares You For The Exam

The right method for preparing for the class 9 English examination is to read every single chapter line by line and clear all the related queries carefully. Additionally, students should also make notes alongside and write down important points in those notes to do a quick revision at the time of the exam. However, if you don’t get enough time to read all the chapters given in the Class 9 English textbook, you can refer to the Beehive Class 9 PDF Solutions for revising the entire literature content in a short time span. You can also download PDF Solutions anytime as they are easily available on the web. You have the facility of accessing the content both offline and online mode. 

  • Questions Present At The End of The Chapters

If you have gone through the chapters present in the English NCERT textbook, you might have seen some important questions written at the end of the chapter. These questions include matching the following, fill in the blanks, one word or one line questions, long questions, etc. It is recommended that class 9 students must read these questions thoroughly as the question paper will cover these questions in a moulded way. 

  • Strictly Obeys The CBSE Curriculum

This is one of the reasons why the English textbook ‘Beehive’ is of great use to class 9 students. This book understandably provides knowledge. Each chapter in the book clearly describes the theme of the story, so you may not face any issues while reading the chapter for the first time. The book completely follows the CBSE curriculum. By understanding what the textbook is trying to explain, you can answer any tough question asked in the exam.  

  • Study NCERT Book To Pick Out Important Questions

Once you have gone through the NCERT textbook of English and started preparing for the exam by solving question papers, you will notice that these questions are already present in your textbook. If you completely dedicate yourself to this book then you’ll be able to solve past year question papers in a flash. Everything will be asked from the NCERT book. However, the language of the question will be twisted to test your skills. 

  • Prescribed By The CBSE Itself

 The CBSE itself recommends students to read the textbook of English ‘Beehive’ if they want to get high scores in this subject. You don’t need to read other reference books if you have read the NCERT textbook and solutions by heart. 

After understanding the advantages of learning English from the NCERT textbook, let us know the important chapters mentioned in class 9th English book. 

Important Chapters In Class 9 English Textbook

The English book ‘Beehive’ contains a total of 21 chapters. These chapters are further divided into two sections. The first section includes 10 poems. And the other section contains 11 prose.  

Here’s the list of important prose and poems 


  1. The Fun They Had- By Issac Asimov
  2. The Sound of Music- By Evelyn Glennie and Deborah Cowley
  3. The Little Girl- By Katherine Mansfield
  4. A Truly Beautiful Mind- Biography
  5. The Snake And The Mirror- By Vaikom Mohammed Basheer
  6. My Childhood- By Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
  7. Packing- By Jerome K Jerome
  8. Reach For The Top- Biography
  9. The Bond of Love- By Kenneth Anderson
  10. Kathmandu- By Vikram Seth
  11. If I Were You- By Douglas James


  1. The Road Not Taken- By Robert Frost
  2. Wind- By Subramania Bharti
  3. Rain On The Roof- By Coates Kinney
  4. The Lake Isle of Innisfree- By William Butler Yeats
  5. A Legend of The Northland- By Phoebe Cary
  6. No Men Are Foreign- By James Kirkup 
  7. The Duck And The Kangaroos- By Edward Lear
  8. On Killing A Tree- By Gieve Patel
  9. The Snake Trying- By WWE Ross
  10. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal- By William Wordsworth 

You can get the PDF of these chapters on the internet. And you can also download them. 

These PDFs contain a chapter-wise explanation of the topics along with the answers mentioned at the back of every chapter. The content written in them is straightforward. And any student can understand it. This means that these solutions are ideal for all students whether they are top scorers or average performers.