NewsBest 9 Tips for Working with Recruiters and Headhunters

Best 9 Tips for Working with Recruiters and Headhunters

Many job seekers encounter a confusion stage about whether to work with a recruiter or not. Well, the honest answer would be YES because they are the best lawyer for job seekers. The recruitment agencies have all types of solutions that could make your needs sated to the level. When it is about the senior-level post need, connecting with executive headhunters is a beneficial approach.

As a professional, if you are planning to work with recruiters, this article is for you. Here we will discuss those points that you must consider while working with recruiters and headhunters.

Nine best tips for how to work with headhunters and recruiters:

1. Connect with a recruiter who is specialized in your field:

It’s not the truth that every recruiter is an expert in every field and capable enough to sate employee and employer demand. Most of the recruiters are specialized in one specific industry, and this concept is not applicable to bring your needs fulfilled. For this reason, one must connect with the recruiter who holds the specialization in a particular sector.

2. Make a simple path for recruiters to reach out to you:

You could adopt many things to make yourself visible to the recruiters. For this, you could make your portfolio, resume, and LinkedIn profile rich in all your activities. The main merit of this strategy would be making your mind fresh along with enabling recruiters in dubai to reach out to you.

Some activities which you can follow:

  • Participate in professional associations: Be sure to stay dialled into the professional organizations in the field you are doing.
  • Writing an article: Writing the guest submission for newspaper, website, and blog would be enough to make you visible for the recruiter.
  • Give the presentation: You can be a volunteer and guest speaker at the community and local clubs to give out the display.

3. Trust in the recruiter:

If you are connecting with the recruiter, trust in their process and advice. Any recruiter would not offer you the wrong direction or the solution. They have good experience in the hiring process, so it will not let you meet the wrong path. So it is better to avoid an argument with the executive headhunters as it could bring out incorrect output and eliminate you from reaching your goal.

4. Put a positive spin on the status if you are unemployed:

If you are unemployed, then recruiters assume something wrong with you. To cope up with this situation, the best solution is to engage in productive, resume-worthy activities, professional development, and consulting project work. It is always good to make the employment status a neutral and positive way.

5. Keep yourself calm and relaxed even if you don’t get the job:

It is a common thing when applicants don’t get the results; they have controversies with the hiring managers and this unprofessional way. This could close the doors for you to grab a fair chance in the hiring.

Always have a gratitude feeling for the recruiter regarding their work and valuable time. It would be quite beneficial for you to consider.

6. Convey the career goals with clarity:

Usually, job seekers complain about those offers that are not in their circle of interest or qualification. This strategy’s main impact falls on their job interview that also hurts their relationship with the recruiting agent.

The best solution to eliminating this problem is conveying the recruiter’s professional goals. the Alliance Recruitment Agency will know the exact requirements.

If you approach a job in which you are not interested, then it is better to say sorry in a cool and calm approach with thanks ending.

7. Analyse the utilization of the inventory of candidates by a recruiter:

There are mainly two strategies that recruiters like to follow, one is maintaining the list of resumes they want to consider on the client employer request, and another one is finding fresh candidates for each request. As a suitable applicant, it is always better to discuss the strategy they follow clearly.

8. No worries about the model through which the recruiter is paid:

There are usually two types of recruiter models; one is contingency recruiters paid when the placement is made, and another has retained recruiters who usually paid upfront, and they tend to work with companies for the executive level profile. Jobseekers do not have to worry about which model is being used by the recruiters.

The reason behind this concept is as an applicant; you don’t have much control over what would be the best suited to your need.

9. Ask key questions to recruiters to justify whether to work or not:

When recruiters approach you, you must ask them questions that could explain your further process. The best way is to conduct the research on their process that could be carried out within the network. To test their good listening skills, it is always better to talk to them and determine whether they could understand your needs or not.


Recruiters can be your great career builder and mentor who could guide you in a better way. Before making the final decision while approaching them, you must do in-depth research and think in a 360 degree way. Our executive headhunters are always ready to provide the exact solution.

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