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Best Areas For First Time Buyers In St Albans

One of the most exciting things that could give you mixed feelings and experiences is purchasing a property for the very first time, irrespective of the location and price. Being first-time buyers, it is normal for them to be anxious and happy at the same time. Not many people are aware of how to approach and take their first best steps towards investing in a house.

In an enormous city like London, anybody could go baffled when hunting for homes. Overseas investors take the help of local property management services to maintain their purchased property in their absence. However, people are seen moving out of London to less populated boroughs like St Albans, Clapham, Battersea etc., to enjoy a peaceful stay. Purchasing a house is preferred over renting for long-term residencies. For buyers planning to move into St Albans, these are the best areas to make their first property purchase efficiently:


People on the hunt for new homes will indeed expect to stay close to their workplace as well as remain surrounded by all the necessary amenities. Harpenden is one such perfect spot for first-time buyers to leave behind the hassle of searching for all important places. With vast open spaces with greenery oozing out, young families with children can have the best time on weekends. Likewise, farmer’s markets, grocery shops, golf clubs, churches, and sports centres are in the vicinity.


One of St Albans’ best residential neighbourhoods in Fleetville. People with peculiar housing choices can find visually appealing Edwardian and Victorian semi-detached homes for sale. In recent years, the population surge at Fleetville is high, making it challenging for buyers to get on the property ladder. Beginning with finding the right home is not easy. In this case, they can take the help of estate agents in St Albans to help find the best properties and guide them throughout the process. 


St Albans is filled with pretty villages and towns along with the place, and Wheathampstead is one gorgeous place to reside for people moving here. The vintage vibes that emanate from the lanes of Wheathampstead are an attractive veil that falls over this neighbourhood. First-time investors looking for a good place to begin their property purchase can consider entering Wheathampstead. Properties here are in an affordable range, and now would be the best time to purchase them.


Lining the outskirts of St Albans is Jersey Farm, a perfect residential region for individuals or families looking for a secluded place for leading a quiet life. Commuting from Jersey Farm to other parts of St Albans and to London is easy now with local bus services and railway lines. The top state schools are located in the neighbouring regions, which are just a walk away from Jersey Farm. Newbie buyers can get the best deals for new homes here.


Even though being closely situated to the bustling streets of London, there is a unique touch of serenity that lightens up Hatfield. The primary highway A1 runs through Hatfield, which makes it easy for people to access other neighbourhoods through roadways. Investors necessarily need not be present physically, when they are planning to purchase a home in Hatfield. With the technical advancements and assistance of professionals from residential block management, buying homes can be done instantly. 


Families are usually fond of living in spacious homes with dedicated outdoor spaces like patios, backyards or lawns. The houses available in this neighbourhood are of Victorian style with a minimum of three bedrooms. One of St Albans’ biggest playgrounds can be seen at the Heath for children. While other open spaces available here are used by people to walk their dogs or go on a daily walk. The roads A1, M25 and M1 are quickly accessible for commuting.


Tyttenhanger is a few miles away from St Albans and is the perfect countryside option to live in. Several detached and semi-detached properties are scattered across the place, with a canopy of trees stretching across the neighbourhoods. This place is quiet and vibrant at the same time with regular activities taking place in the Charles Morris Hall at the community centre. Buyers can enjoy their stay at Tyttenhanger in the long term, and it is the best option for investment. 


Located about 1.5 miles northeast of St Albans, Marshalswick has carried a rich history throughout these years. This suburban hamlet possesses the best roads in St Albans for commuting to other environs and is a great place to start as a first-time buyer. However, the properties are quite pricey in this area and will require deeper pockets to make a purchase. Before getting into the whole deal of buying a home, people must start saving early to pay for initial payments for mortgage loans and more.

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