Best Bathroom Makeover Ideas for 2021

Bathrooms are a must and the most important part of the house. For sure when entering your bathroom the words like elegance, perfection, and beautiful should naturally come to your mind. As you use a bathroom daily, it should at least look worthy enough to be used with delicacy. Although they cannot continue being as perfect as they once were, only small changes made are more than sufficient to remodel your bathroom on a primary basis. Any more changes made will just act as a cherry on top. But even some small changes suggested by leading Dallas flooring companies that can give an entirely new appeal to the look of your bathroom. 

Ideas for Makeover of Your Bathroom:

Bathroom Flooring

Tiles are the best medium to be used for bathroom flooring, as these support easy maintenance and are also quite affordable for whatever size your budget might be. Ceramic, vinyl, cork, and concrete are some of the most used bathroom Floor&Co materials. But if you are not accommodated with a better selection of flooring, luxury vinyl tiling or vinyl tiling will be the best choice. It is water-resistant, easily accessible, affordable, and easy to maintain. To maintain it properly, you just need to clean it once in a while and it also doesn’t lose its shine for long periods. 

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Wall tiles in a bathroom help in giving a thorough look to the bathroom. It makes the bathroom look not too plain and simple. Wall tiles to the half-height of the wall, are the frequently used style for these tiles. Ceramic, marble, mosaic, slate, pebble, vinyl, or limestone are the most used materials for bathroom wall tiles. These are waterproof, light, easy to maintain, and quite responsive to the effect of adhesion against the wall. 3-D brick print wall tiles are in trend right now for their lightweight and easy maintenance. These are an ideal choice for wall tiling. 

Paint Work

It might not seem too effective for providing a beautiful look to the bathroom, but it can help in complementing the rest of your bathroom. The paint job mainly for the ceiling and upper half of the walls should be anything but white. Any color but white will make the bathroom seem complete and appealing. If white is applied like paint, it will only contrast the cleanliness of your bathroom. So, it might seem simple but can also be quite effective. Adding more colors to the bathroom will make that small confined space more interesting. 

Bathroom Storage

Open shelves can prove to be a really good storage solution for bathroom storage problems. Open shelves are pretty, stylish, and seem practical enough to be used in the bathroom. Bathroom accessories like soap, towels, floss, dispensers, or cotton wool can be placed in these selves. If your bathroom supports windows, then it will be most preferable to use some potted plants that go along with the theme of your bathroom. It will help your bathroom seem more lively. 


Be very much conscious in your selection of lighting for your bathroom. The size of the medium and its type can greatly affect the overall view of your bathroom. From costly chandeliers to normal lamps, or from magnificent edge lighting to neon lights, everything is preferable for bathrooms as long as it goes along with your entire setup. Wall lights or ceiling lampshades are very much in trend right now. These give a thorough appeal to the bathroom. But be precisely sure during your selection as even the color and size of your lamps also affect the atmosphere of your bathroom. The light theme should be more relaxing.

Upgrade the Accessories 

Enhance and update the accessories that are in your bathroom. If your bathroom seems to be of high-class standard, surely your accessories should also be of that level at least. This might include updating r shower fittings, showerheads, or the addition of newer accessories to the bathroom. These accessories should be functional and appealing so they don’t seem only for showcasing. The accessories like taps, bathtub, bath panel, and bathroom fittings should also be up to the mark. 


As bathrooms are wet and steamy by nature, it is sure to get quite hot inside. That is why the ventilation system is needed also in bathrooms. Besides, it will also prove to help keep the paintwork in the bathroom waterproof, as it will reduce the moisture from the air. Also, an active ventilation system will provide a refreshing and pure aura to the room. It will prove to be very much valuable during winters, as moisture and humidity will be more and can easily damage the paintwork in the bathrooms. 


Windows are also a preferable choice in a bathroom. These give a certain openness to the room. Also to go with the window, potted plants can also be placed in the bathroom. Besides, it is very much advised not to use wooden frames for window purposes in the bathroom. It is because it is more likely to get degraded over time due to direct contact with blue hexagon floor tile and humidity. 

Why should you remodel your bathroom? 

Surely bathroom is a part of the house that is in constant use. So, it has to be at least a bit impressive and attractive for a resident to enjoy it thoroughly. Besides its being interesting can also prove to be beneficial for the user as showers are very much of stress-relievers. So why not just upgrade them instead of dragging them as they are. This will only prove to be more beneficial for us.