Best Chemistry Tuition Centres in Singapore


Are you looking for a chemistry tuition center in Singapore as you find your kids not doing well in this subject? Have you seen drop in the grades of your kids due to tough subjects then its right time to cope up with this and hire a private chemistry tutor or enroll them in chemistry tuition in Singapore. We have compiled a list of best tuition centers in Singapore that are unique in their own way. You have to choose the right one that suit your needs and your kids.

Chemistry is one of the toughest subject in science category and require properly guidance to understand the concepts of chemicals and their reactions. Most of the students find it hard to memorize the formulas and reactions and at that point they need a hand of professional tutor who help them in learning chemistry. You don’t need to worry as we have compiled some best tuition centers who have highly professional chemistry tutors.

  • TutorCity

TutorCity is the most famous tuition center in Singapore that is offering not only one subject tutor but almost all subject tutors for private tutoring or at tuition center. They have a friendly environment with most experienced tutors that are available at affordable rates. With over 20,000 tutor database you can find the right one with whom you are comfortable. TutorCity is working since 2010 and still now they have satisfied over 40,000 parents around the Singapore and still providing their service to more parents.

The tutors they provide never force rush learning through topics and refer to learn slowly and clear the concepts as it help students to memorize the topics. Another good thing about them is teachers have the ability to multi-level teaching including secondary school, A or O Level, junior college, university level, and international baccalaureate. Before hiring any tutor, parents can interview that tutor and only if they are satisfied then can hire him/her.

  • Mr Khemistry

The second best is Mr Khemistry tuition center who is offering both face-to-face lessons and live zoom lessons. You can also first take the free trial lessons before committing to the lessons. Their environment is meant to prepare students for Singapore-Cambridge A-Level H2 JC Chemistry examinations.

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A highly professional tutor Mr Eric who has more than 14 years of teaching field experience and helped thousands of students to achieve their goals is ready to clear your concepts on Chemistry at Mr Khemistry. He has also written two best selling Chemistry assessment books. Mr Eric has also passed the Harvard University Teaching Course that is a plus point and catches many parent’s attention.

  • Chemistry Guru

The last one is Chemistry Guru tuition center that has been established in 2010 and is working for past 10 years and has helped thousands of students to score maximum grades in the exams. Also featured in Raffles Press as most recognized A Level H2 Chemistry center. They have also listed as 3rd best Tuition centres in Bishan. “Maverick Puah” who is teaching chemistry since 2010 has vast teaching field experience and is known as the highly professional tutor in Singapore at Chemistry Guru.

They are offering both in-person and webinar classes whatever best suits your kids. Also they are providing videos lessons for make-up lessons so no student will miss the lecture. They only offer A Level H2 teacher that is the only drawback of Chemistry Guru.