Digital MarketingBest Marketing Activities In 2021

Best Marketing Activities In 2021

As technology evolves, so does marketing. Marketing activities have moved from the usual traditional methods to a more digital approach. The Covid-19 pandemic has also affected how we do business. The growth of online marketing channels has boosted the way we think about marketing and access a larger and more diverse audience.

When selecting a marketing activity, you need to respond to questions such as; does it have detailed audience insights? Is it fast and responsive? It would help if you also had various platforms that can give your business an edge over competitors. Below are some of the best marketing activities in 2021;

Social media marketing

Social media platforms have become the norm of the day, both in business and social interactions. In 2020, Facebook launched online shops on both Instagram and Facebook. These platforms allow you to engage potential clients and build your following to complement your marketing activities. Your clients can also shop directly from your page. The top five social media marketing platforms in their active users include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Tik Tok. The more your following, the higher the chances of business growth.

Email marketing

Many businesses are using their websites to acquire and engage potential clients through email subscriptions. In the past 12months, about 80% of e-marketers registered a rise in customer email engagement. To grow their subscribers’ lists, business owners give potential clients an option to subscribe by providing email addresses on their websites; they reach out to users previously engaged with paid ads and promote transferable content. The more subscribers you get, the higher your chances of turning them from passive site visitors to active customers.

Lead generation

This is the market process of initiating and capturing customer inquiries or interest in a service or a product that you are offering. The main purpose of lead generation is to develop a sales funnel, which allows businesses to nurture prospective customers until they are ready to convert. Some lead generation activities like online lead generation are very effective and work for any size and type of business, as well as for both B2B and B2C models. 60% of marketers agree that lead generation is a major pain point for their business. Coming up with an effective lead generation strategy is more challenging than targeting leads who downloaded your newsletter. 

Social media influencers

This mode of marketing involves engaging people and brands that are well-known on social media platforms to advertise and promote your products and services. As the name suggests, influencers take advantage of their following to influence their niche audience to consume your product or service to drive sales and build a following for your business. This partnership involves a fee that varies among different influencers.

Content marketing

Content marketing involves creating and sharing relevant content relating to your business brand and offerings. Such content should be engaging enough to capture the attention of potential clients and get them interested in your business. It can also help in growing your email lists, generate leads, and develop your social platforms. The most common means of content marketing are blogs, eBooks, visual content, and infographics. With content, all you need is creativity and consistency. The more potential clients you attract, the more sales opportunities.

Video marketing

Videos are a creative medium of marketing. They quickly draw the attention of clients and increase traffic to your website. The leading video marketing platform is YouTube, where you get to grow your views and subscribers while promoting your products and services. Your video content should be relevant and engaging enough to generate traffic and sales from the viewers. Videos work well on other platforms too, such as Vimeo and other social media sites. It is an affordable mode of marketing, as it does not require complex equipment. You can also get free editing software such as iMovie to modify your videos into quality and well-organized content.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It involves running an ad on your social platform and paying a stated fee for each click on the ad. While this mode of marketing may sound expensive initially, you will start to get returns within a short period as it increases sales at a higher rate than organic marketing. Such ads are typical on Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Google, among others. Ensure that the content is relevant and engaging to generate more clicks and sales.

Bottom Line

These are the best marketing activities in 2021. However, you should note that having a solid marketing strategy, as well as monitoring your results is the secret to implementing these activities. Creating clear goals, a well-defined marketing budget, and action items can make it easier for you to achieve your marketing objectives. Here, you must think of how much you want to spend, the results you expect, as well as the important things you should do to achieve these results. Besides, using analytical tools to track customer engagement rates and behavior can act as your guide when creating a marketing strategy. Unlike traditional marketing activities, the activities discussed here can help you evaluate every step of the consumer journey, and get insights into their intents and patterns.

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