Best Places to Visit in Greece in Winter

There are several places to visit in Greece in the winter. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you might find it useful to take a look at the areas below. If you’re in the mood for hiking, try these hiking trails in Kea. They are easy to follow, and many are marked with numbers. Kea is a traditional island about two hours away from Athens. You can drive or take the ferry from Lavrion to get there. The town has a large winter population, so hotels are plentiful. For a comfortable, year-round stay, try Red Tractor Farms Guesthouse, which is located in the town of Korissia. You can do hiking from the guesthouse.

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The area is famous for its alpine activities. Its picturesque village centre is home to a church and the famous folklore museum. The 19th century mansion contains artifacts related to the region’s resistance against the Turkish occupation. Metsovo also boasts 20 fountains, including a small pond that is filled with fish. This picturesque town also has an old mill that was restored and is now a museum.

Aoos Lake is a picturesque gem located about 25km outside of Metsovo. Its sapphire water is surrounded by mountain forests and a footpath that winds around its perimeter. This is a wonderful spot in any season, and Vlach shepherds tend sheep on the surrounding farmland. Wild horses roam freely along its banks. The area has been certified one of the best hiking trails in Europe.

Despite its name, Metsovo is a quaint mountain village in the Pindus mountains. The village’s climate makes it an ideal destination for winter snow in Greece, and its rich Vlach heritage is fascinating. The Vlachs, a native ethnic group of Greece, came to the country centuries ago and settled in northern Greece. Today, this mountain town is a popular winter destination for tourists from all over Greece.

While you’re visiting Metsovo, consider renting a jeep. The hotel itself is owned by a Greek family and is a charming place to stay. It is just 50km north of Ioannina. Alternatively, you can rent a car from Swift Car Rental. A bus to Thessaloniki stops in Metsovo. There are also buses that run to the city from Kalambaka, Trikala, and Thessaloniki Greece.


If you’re planning to visit Greece in winter, you may want to check out Ioannina. The city has all the charm of a modern Greek city, with plenty to do outdoors. Visitors can enjoy the surrounding forests, as well as the scenic lakeside pathways. If you’re looking for a place to go skiing, you might want to check out the nearby Zagori villages.

The town itself is home to a number of cozy mezedopoleia and tavernas that are full of character. These places are perfect for sampling local delicacies. And if you’re looking for a place to shop for local art and crafts, there are plenty of artisanal shops and coffee houses where you can buy gifts for your loved ones. Try the local cuisine at Stoa Louli or Mistagoyia for an authentic local experience. If you’re into shopping, there are countless artisanal shops and carved furnishings.

In the northwest corner of mainland Greece, Ioannina is a bustling mountain town with a picturesque lake and inhabited island. This town is known as the Scottish of Greece, and its medieval castle walls have been preserved for visitors to explore. The city’s picturesque setting is complemented by lake Pamvotis and its beautiful frogs legs. The winter temperatures are pleasant, and the city is a must-visit for any traveler to Northern Greece.


If you’re planning a Greek holiday, the city of Thessaloniki should be on your itinerary. You can also combine a visit to Kastoria, Greece, with a visit to Thessaloniki, the country’s second largest city. The city also has an airport, though it is mainly used for flights to Athens. In winter, though, you can still enjoy the city’s beautiful beaches, scenic lake, and quaint town centers.

While you’re in the area, be sure to check out the festival season. From January 6 to 8, the town celebrates Ragoutsaria, a three-day festival that has its roots in the rituals of the Greek god Dionysus. This festival is celebrated until the early hours of the morning. Make sure to visit during this time to witness the locals’ costumes and the Ragoutsaria, a traditional celebration of the god of wine.

The town of Kastoria is a beautiful pearl. You can’t miss the blue sky, white clouds, and swans playing in the lake. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see these sights from the peaceful streets of this picturesque town. You’ll also find many churches and monasteries scattered throughout the city. In Kastoria, Greece, you’ll find some of the country’s most spectacular sights.


While many people think of Greece as a sunny country, there are still plenty of things to do and see in winter in this diverse country. The winter destinations on the mainland are surrounded by mountains, steep forests, and rivers. The summer tourist crowd will leave the Greek islands in the late summer and early fall, but you can still visit these winter destinations and enjoy the winter sun. Read on to discover more about this beautiful region.

While you’re there, don’t forget to tour Argolis. The region is famous for wine, and you’ll be able to find several wineries on your own. Just look for the signs, though they may be altered by the recent events in the city of Athens. You can also take a tour of the Corinth Canal and the ancient city of Corinth, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you have never visited Greece during the winter, you’re missing out! Argolis is one of the best places to visit in Greece during the cold months. You can find it just two hours drive from Athens and enjoy plenty of historical sites. The largest town in the area is Argos, which is the longest continuously-occupied town in Europe. Ancient ruins can be found throughout the town, as this was the capital of the Mycenaean empire, which ruled over Greece between 1600 and 1100 BC.

Zagori region

For an unforgettable experience, head to a remote part of Epirus for the winter. The Zagori region is a wild slice of Greek tradition and beauty off the beaten track. The Pindos Mountains are a top winter draw, as are the stunning limestone villages. A day trip will give you the chance to explore Zagori by foot, and you will find yourself completely enthralled by the region’s untouched nature.

The region is less developed than other areas in Greece, which makes it a more remote destination for visitors who want to enjoy the Greek countryside in its wildest form. The main villages are Syrrako and Kalarrites. You can go mountain-biking or try whitewater rafting. While there, you should bring a car, as the roads are winding and long. Alternatively, you can hire a car to travel around the area and take advantage of the stunning scenery.

If you love nature, you can enjoy a snow-capped mountain resort near the town of Ioannina. The capital of Zagori, Ioannina, is an ideal destination for those looking for a relaxed university experience. A castle that was initiated by the Roman Emperor Justinian in 528 CE remains a landmark of the town. It was later added to by the Fethiye Mosque and Municipal Ethnographic Museum. The tomb of the regional ruler is also located within the Kastro precincts.


For those of you who love the chilly temperatures of Athens Greece is the perfect destination. It’s the perfect mix of history, nightlife, and weather. Its more than 2.500-year history is evident in the city’s neoclassical architecture and local neighborhoods. And it’s a great destination for shopping, too. If you want to treat yourself to the perfect shopping experience, visit one of the city’s many malls.

A day in Athens isn’t complete without a stroll through Plaka, where you can sample traditional Greek food. And if you don’t feel like walking around the Plaka neighborhood, you can try out some of the many restaurants with a view of the Acropolis. If you’re looking for a more active getaway, try out a nightlife activity in the city until the early hours. A trip to Athens will satisfy your craving for city life, and you’ll never get bored.

The weather in winter is ideal for sightseeing. There are fewer crowds and fewer people, making it easier to enjoy the many popular sites without waiting in long queues. While visiting archaeological sites is an essential part of any trip to Athens, the time for viewing them changes from summer to winter. In winter, most archaeological sites are open all day. Athens sunsets are also earlier, which is ideal for sightseeing.