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Best Plumber Services In Singapore

When minor breaks and blockages can be repaired with do-it-yourself techniques, so many water issues require the assistance of an expert. If you don’t want to face the water problems then it’s better to leave this to the best plumber singapore.

We’ve prepared a list of the best plumbers in Singapore to assist you in finding the right Singapore plumber for your requirements. It is the best flexible and professional services with a wide range of skills, along with water-related engineering and sanitation problems.

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1. Plumber Singapore

Plumber Singapore provides the best repair service in the town. You can rely on them until they offer trustworthy and fast, 24-hour urgent plumbing services. Their staff can manage any blockages or fixes you may require for your bathroom container urinal, shower room, water pipeline, ground trap, and sewer. Your comfort is our first concern, that’s why we try to maintain regular contact to guarantee that anything is proceeding as planned.


  • Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Can handle a wide variety of plumbing problems.
  • It provides service to both home and industrial locations.


  • Rates and prices are not available online.

Customer Feedback

Plumber Singapore has successfully serviced a wide range of homes and industries throughout the many years. Indeed, they have established a good name for themselves due to the high quality of their service and the timeliness and efficiency shown by many of its experts.

2. National Home Helper

While you’re on the globe, National Home Supervisor can assist you in getting dependable suppliers of the highest home plumber services. This covers workers for all types of household appliances or fittings. They offer the best checklist of reliable plumbers from all around the world. You should save yourself the trouble of investigating with their guidance. Just provide your information, then they will scan their world database for a qualified plumber, electrician, and refrigerator repairman depending on your demands.

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  • They provide services other than plumbing, such as construction and woodwork.
  • There is a free quote available.
  • Plumbers and technicians from all around the world.


  • There are no 24-hour emergency services provided.
  • The working times are not specified.
  • Rates and prices are not available online.

Customer Feedback

Clients are satisfied with their work. They reward them five starts on online reviews. They are not available 24hr pr day, and this problem faces the clients.

3. Mr Plumber.SG

Mr Plumber Singapore offers a complete variety of repair service and has a staff of qualified plumbers on call for emergencies. They have over ten years of piping expertise and have performed hundreds of home (landed, apartment, and HDB sewage) and professional plumbing projects. Mr Plumber Singapore publishes their prices freely on their website. This facilitates cost comparison for individuals looking for cheap plumbers in Singapore.


  • Online pricing is clear.
  • A wide variety of plumbing procedures are available.
  • Connect seven days a week.
  • Both business and household sectors are supplied.
  • PUB-licensed plumber (PUB License #: WS06471998) and BCA-certified electrician. From over ten years of expertise, another of Singapore’s most renowned plumbing businesses.


  • There is no 24-hour access.
  • Contacting them is tough.

Customer Feedback

Mr Plumber has been described as helpful, courteous, and quick. SG’s service is reflected in several 5-star ratings they got on Reviews Online. While his radiator was supplied and fitted without interruption, user Jude Pinto cited affordable price as another feature, saying they provided quick and excellent service.

4. Greenwood Electrician & Plumbing Services

Greenwood services have been in business for almost 30 years. It provides clients with a sensation of comfort and satisfaction while using the organization’s facilities.  They may manage plumbing tasks in the bathroom and kitchenette like construction, fixes, removal of plumbing fixtures, and general maintenance requirements. Their urgent helpline is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing them to be among the finest engineers in Malaysia and one of the quickest accessible.

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  • There is a 24-h helpline accessible.
  • They cover the entire island of Singapore.
  • Highly knowledgeable: in use since 1984.
  • They provide facility to both homes as well as industrial properties.


  • Market prices are not present on the internet.

Customer Feedback

Greenwood Electrical & Plumbing Repairs also educates its clients on how to minimise plumbing problems. It is one of the benefits that clients have awarded them a good Google Feedback score usually mention. They also conduct comprehensive testing to ensure that the source of the problem of each situation is resolved.

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