Best Social Video Platforms you should Use in 2021

When creating a video for your social media platforms, which platform do you usually consider? 

Facebook or Instagram or YouTube? With the influx of social media platforms available in the market, it’s pretty challenging to decide which one gives you the best outcome. 

With the rise in the popularity of video content, social media videos have taken the internet by storm. The majority of the traffic comes from video platforms, and so marketers and business owners are leveraging the power of these social video platforms. The video content helps maximize your brand reach, interact with the right people, and, most importantly, achieve your goals. 

So, if you are a marketer or a startup owner hunting for the best social video platform, then you have hit the jackpot. Here we have handpicked the top social video platform that has been making the waves in the social media world. 

So, before we dig in, here we have got you some questions you may have wondered about. 

How to choose the best type of Social Media for your Business?

With tons of versatile social media platforms available, it’s hard to choose Mr perfect social video platform for your business. To lessen down your work you can go for social media management tools like buffer alternatives. Here we have pinpointed some of the essential strategies you need to consider before selecting one.

Know your audience 

When choosing a platform, the first thing is to know your audience. Explore the platforms and understand its audience. The second essential thing to keep in mind is how your audience uses the platform, which type of content they are attracted to, and what accounts they follow. Once you get to know these two main things, then it is the right time to decide on your platform. 

Keep a Hawk-Eye on Social Media Statistics

Social media statistics play an essential role in choosing the right platform for your business. Of course, it’s necessary to know the difference between the shiny and dull platform. Always keep a hawk eye over the changing social media platform statistics and choose the platform wisely then. 

Match your Business Goals

Well, the most important thing is to match your goals with the desired social media platform. For instance, if your business benefits from the platform’s video content, you can have YouTube and Vimeo options. If your business would benefit from the live videos platforms, then you have Instagram and Facebook. 

So, try to choose that specific platform that can give wings to your marketing goals. 

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Video? 

Wondering which social media platform works best for your video content? Here we narrowed down a few best social media platforms for videos you should try. 


YouTube is our first pick when it comes to the best social media platforms for your videos. 

YouTube is one popular social media platform where users watch billions of videos every day. Many marketers and business owners are dipping their toes into the video creation areas. 

For YouTube, all you need is to sign up and post your videos daily to get more views, likes, and subscribers. So, if your content revolves all around the videos, then YouTube must be your first pick.


So next, we have Dailymotion on our list. Daily Motion is a media platform that serves as a social network and a video hosting service. With Daily Motion, it is easy to share your ideas and interests and receive feedback and support from like-minded people. Whether you’re a filmmaker, musician, artist, athlete, coach, Instagram-ers, or conference speaker, you can have the most of it. Create an account and start sharing your videos on Dailymotion. 

Which Social Video Platform is more popular? 

Of course, the answer is YouTube. YouTube is the most frequently used and popular social media platform to upload videos. It is the only platform that allows everyone to upload and share videos with the world. It is visited by more than 1 billion active users each month.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is the highest-rated video content platform. The users can view, upload, share, comment, and rate videos. Moreover, the best part is you can make money from YouTube. People can subscribe to video-makers they like.

In the end, YouTube ALWAYS wins the race. 

What is the biggest live streaming platform? 

It’s pretty challenging to consider one social video platform as the biggest live streaming platform. There are several different live streaming services out there, each with a large number of live users. Here are the four giants of live-streaming platforms of all time. 

  • YouTube 
  • Netflix 
  • Amazon prime 
  • Hulu 

The top social media platforms 

Each platform has a different traggeting policy. In that case, suppose its audience is different. So, here We have briefly explained the top social media platforms for your business. 


Instagram is all about eye-catching pictures and enrapturing videos that are too attractive to take your eyes off. Add catchy captions to it. It is all about the game of hashtags.

So, suppose your Instagram is hefty and not making waves in the crowded world of social media, then with a proper strategy on Instagram. In that case, you can gain lots of followers on your Instagram account in a short period. But remember, your feed must sparkle more than a star to behold your viewers turning them into your followers. 

When it comes to promoting your video content, then you can try Instagram stories. You can cash a lot from your stories. These stories appear on your timeline for 24 hours. Later, you can add them to your highlights just below your bio. These stories bring more engagement to your account. You can post either pictures or step-by-step guides or any recipes you like, giveaways, or discount coupons. Share your announcements or anything regarding your product or the business you market! Do it cleverly, taking little breaks between these stories because no one likes spam.

Undoubtedly, Instagram is perfect for videos and can stop scrolling fingers. Don’t forget to post a video on your account today. 


Facebook is still essential in creating video content. It will get you an exponential reach – in return; onlyIn return, your content must be perfect for hitting its target. But if you have missed it, your content will only get a few likes, and that’s it. So make sure to create spectacular content.

But wait, Do you know videos and live videos get more engagement than other types of content on Facebook?

Well, yes, it is true.

Start recording classy videos, giving complete knowledge about your products. You can have live sessions too or interviews with your customers. Your videos can bring new potential reach. 


LinkedIn is a place for professionals!

A professional networking platform that provides the chance to hire or get hired, and we are sure you do not want to miss this chance, so make a profile that shows your best credentials.

You can attach compelling images or videos to your LinkedIn profiles to get maximum engagement. 

Being a professional, whether you are looking for a job or you’re a corporate: ‘Share your milestones and accomplishments -short videos” with everyone. It has a positive impact on the reader. You can even go for the LinkedIn automation tool to schedule and publish on the go.


Snapchat is a social video platform that connects people all around the world. It allows users to add a filter on their face, add a caption, add friends that are following them at that time, and post or watch live stories. This way, the platform creates an unforgettable experience for followers and people witnessing what you do at that time. Aside from familiarizing friends with one another, Snapchat can also increase the outreach of organizations, brands, and marketers. 


Last but not the least, TikTok is a social video platform for people to share their creative videos. It’s fun, interactive, and perfect for having conversations. Whether you capture your latest game night antics, cooking show, or everyday goings-on, TikTok makes it easy to share your videos with your friends and followers. Keep up with trending challenges and stories, explore feeds for different interests and meet like-minded creators to gain insight into their world. 


Twitter is the leading social media platform to know what is going around you. It gives you authentic news about the world. You can participate in various trends to give your words a voice or you can go for twitter automation for better outcomes. 

Twitter is all in one, which means it supports all kinds of content, whether text, GIFS, videos, or images, depending on your context’s relevancy. The best content for Twitter is short and engaging videos. These videos stop the fingers from scrolling. And you can get attention from your followers to get an exponential reach. You can also use a social media scheduling tool to schedule tweets. Short captions with the right hashtags and videos are a win-win for the Twitter platform.

Over to You! 

Video content is all over social media, and videos on the top social video platforms like Facebook and YouTube are doing their best. From maximizing your brand reach to interacting with the right people, video content is essential for business owners and marketers to take advantage of. So, now that you know what to do, check out the top social video platforms and start creating!