Life StyleBest Vastu Consultant in Nagpur – 5 Vastu Tips for New Home

Best Vastu Consultant in Nagpur – 5 Vastu Tips for New Home

If you believe in Vastu and understand its importance, then you must be aware that how Vastu can change the life of people. Vastu norms must be followed when you buy a new house for you and your family. If you are buying a readymade house, you cannot rely on the builders for making a house following all the Vastu norms and this is the reason you need to consult the best Vastu consultants for the desired results.

According to the best Vastu consultant in Nagpur, there are a few Vastu tips that must be applied in your new home to feel the difference and positivity in life. Let us check out those tips in detail:

1. Direction of Entrance

The main entrance of the house is the entry of many things including the guests and all kinds of negative and positive energies. Therefore, to welcome only positivity in the house, it must face the north, east, or northeast direction. That means when you move out of the house, you must be facing north, east, or northeast direction.

2. Dining Hall

Many houses prefer to construct a separate section for the dining hall. If you have planned this as well, try to place it in the west zone of your house to get better results. If for some reason you are unable to do so, you can place it in the north, east, or south direction as well but strictly avoid the southwest direction.

3. Staircase

The staircase looks very beautiful when designed properly in the house. It also plays a very vital role in maintaining peace and harmony in the house and this is the reason the most favorable direction as per Vastu norms is the Southwest direction. If you are considering other directions, strictly avoid the northeast zone in any case.

4. Living Room

The most important and active area of the house is its living room. You welcome your guest there, do important discussions with family and friends, and have too much fun in this area of the house. A living room is the first impression of your house and therefore should be designed attractively and clutter-free. Try to place your living room in the east, north, or northeast direction of the house and place the furniture in the west or southwest direction. You will feel too much positivity in the house following these simple Vastu norms.

5. Bedroom

Having a bedroom in the southwest direction of the house ensures good health and prosperity whereas if you have the same in a northeast direction, you will face various health issues, couple fights, and too much negativity all around. Place the bed in the southwest corner of the room in which the head must face west direction. Avoid placing a mirror or TV in front of the bed and try to paint the walls using earthy tones to feel the positivity in the room.

6. Kitchen

The southeast corner is best considered for placing the kitchen in the house. Place appliances in the same direction for good results.

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