Best Website to Buy Sanitary Pads Online

Women in India are still not very comfortable with menstruation products other than sanitary pads. Other countries have adapted menstrual cups, tampons, reusable pads, and other hygienic products. But it will still take a few years to change people’s mindsets.

However, manufacturers have taken the responsibility of changing the formula of sanitary pads and giving women in society a better solution for their menstruation needs.

There is confusion regarding the decision of choosing a suitable brand. Rio sanitary pads are one of the popular brands in India that focuses on the concerns that women have.

All women do not have the same type of flow. There are many health conditions due to which women have various types of blood flow, duration of period, and hormonal imbalance. Some women have less than three days of periods, while others may have up to seven days. For women suffering from thyroid or PCOS, the duration and cycle may vary from time to time.

An unhealthy lifestyle, eating disorders, and stress can affect your menstruation cycle. That is why every woman has different concerns requiring suitable solutions.

With so many brands endorsing their products, it can be challenging to choose one that is good for you. However, unless you try the products available, you won’t really know whether it is meant to match up to your needs.

Sanitary napkins, the most consumed and manufactured menstrual product in India, has to live up to many expectations. Below, you’ll get details of the factor that you must not overlook when choosing a sanitary napkin.

A guide to buying the best sanitary napkins online in India

  • Choose a pad with a soft surface

While searching for brand manufacturing sanitary pads, make sure you read the details of the ingredients on the packaging of the product. Earlier, brands used synthetic material as the top surface of the sanitary napkins. However, with time it has changed because synthetic material can cause skin allergies and irritation. It would be best if you always gave preference to cotton pads with a soft and comfortable surface.

  • Buy pads according to your flow type

It isn’t necessary that you will have a constant heavy or light flow. Most women have heavy flow in the first two days of their period, and it might vary depending on your body, hormonal balance, and weight.

For nights it is better that you choose long sanitary pads. In fact, on days when you have to travel or cannot use the washroom at regular intervals, prefer an XXL pad for more coverage and no leakage.

  • Choose antibacterial and no fragrance pads

If you have to choose between fragrant pads or antibacterial pads, always choose the latter. It might be attractive to use a scented sanitary pad to avoid body odor, but some women might be allergic to them.

It consists of chemicals that can cause infection and skin concerns. Antibacterial pads, on the other hand, are good to maintain hygiene. They can control the odor and keep you safe from any harmful bacteria.

  • Buy a sanitary napkin with better absorption

For long days that test your patience, you need high absorption pads that keep you dry all day long. Rio sanitary pads are a good example of high-quality absorbent pads that keep you dry and comfortable day long.

Companies understand the concerns and have changed their approach to tackling them. A good company will always value its customers and are ready to provide solutions that live up to your expectations. So choose wisely, and have a happy period!